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Here is a list with serveral features that have gathered through the time.
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    Saturday, April 11 2015, 06:55 PM - #Permalink
    I think the point of this suggestion section was to list those things people want so others can vote on them.
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    Sunday, April 12 2015, 09:42 AM - #Permalink
    Well i thought that i would be a lot to list it up....
    But if you wish 2 list it here you go:

    - adjusting the charakter (size/weight/hair/BEARDS!!!ect.)
    - different races with different boni
    - tons of faces/hairs/and cosmetic stuff & WARPAINT!!!
    - beeing able to write a BIO
    - sex (male/female)
    - Religion (christian/islam/pagan) with different boni

    - bell-tower (ringing alarms!)
    - showing quality of buildings
    - using furniture (bed / chair / ect.) giving you boni in resting & decoration increasing that.
    - using the rooms individually... each room for itself so that more people can life in one building.
    - diffirent furnitre (thrones/chairs/lightforces/ect.)
    - different HOUSEMODELS (northmen /arabic / english) :beer:
    - making cellars
    - decoration (libraries/fireplace/fur on the ground)
    - traps & moal
    - drawbridge
    - jousting (arena/fighting pit)
    - Inventory Log
    - Treasury
    - doors/windows/curtains inside a house (individual claiming)
    - roadmarkings
    - jail
    - landmarks
    - huge tavern + kitchen + rooms
    - SHIPS!!!! :Yahoo!:

    - wine/beer & other alcoholic drinks
    - tons of recipes and different meals (are allready a lot!)

    The World
    - rivers flowing
    - more wildlife (squirrels/rats/chickens/widder/pigs/horses ect.)
    - smoother edges as they meet the outside world (tunnels)
    - different weather (windy/stormy/snowing)

    - guild system (light version is comming)
    - sending messages throw birds (need to have a landingplace in your room)
    - needs and diseases (drink/eat/sexytime :evil: /sleep/flew/black death/scorbut ect.)
    - weathereffects (freezing to death / harder farming )
    - tavernbrawling (usable chairs and things to hit others)
    - better hunting (winddirection / sneaking / beeing able to use the whole corpse/ect.)
    - better fishing (using baits/minigame for fishing like Zelda:Ocarina of Time)
    - beeing able to use pouches and bags on your body increasing capacity
    - raiding features.. (burning a house / plundering / stealing / ect.)
    - able to trade from player to player
    - unarmed combat
    - no window cursour... maybe a glove ?
    - Wounds can get infected
    - playing instruments (lute/flute/harf ect. LIKE in Lord of the Rings ONLINE) !!!!!
    - burping/pissing/shitting
    - TONS OF EMOTES!! Take an example on Age of Conan and all the others MMOS
    - use warpaints for upcomming fights
    - make crossair smaller or disable
    - put visor of helmets up and down.
    - put hood up and down from a Cape aka DAOC(game)
    - dug pits decay
    - better GM tools (adjusting times/NPCs/skill tree/ect.)
    - making notes and nail it on walls or doors
    - disable/enable global chat (immersion)
    - getting back material when destroying a building
    - have the quiver on the belt slot
    - advanced terraforming (able to flat on Montains/ect.)
    - pull out arrows from corpses :Bravo:
    - more immersive dmg (http://lifeisfeudal.com/forum/post48270/#p48270)
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    Monday, April 13 2015, 05:37 PM - #Permalink
    dude don't post the whole list here this is for people to post the indivudual things from that list not the whole thing. I say this because some people may not want some of the features in the list but they want other so they can't vote for it.
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    Monday, April 13 2015, 09:06 PM - #Permalink
    That's what I meant in my reply ;) This area is for posting ideas for people to vote on. Alot of your list is already in voting.
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    Tuesday, April 14 2015, 10:47 AM - #Permalink
    What I wanted and even made a thread for is the ability to change the map. But I got shot down because apparently the devs already said we get one map period and "they don't care" if we want something different since they want to force people to use the MMO instead of our own private servers. I PREFER my own server. I don't even like the idea of playing on an MMO. So this is the problem I see. I hope someone can make a MOD so we can change the map.
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    Wednesday, April 15 2015, 04:52 PM - #Permalink
    I love the jousting idea but it should be more than just arena or pit fighting. Could be used against infantry or archers on the battle field. Change jousting to that as well, and I would be behind you 110% of the way.
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