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Before i start i know many have already posted similiar ideas. This request\post is to connect with rest and to add my own ideas to the box...
My point in this post is to give the Alchemist more job, and make it more fun,challenging and rewarding. From the very first time from forgotten times(from early acces actually) i was interested in alchemy i have studied, learned it and found the mechanic awesome!... But in comparison to Farmer tree or other trees i found alchemy tree to be quite... plain not to mention the idea with flux.
Herbalism is a very tedious job and people hate about it a lot, mostly because of the Flux.

Dont get me wrong i like the idea to mix the proffesion with making steels or building stuff. Only problem is the way with obtaining flux, everyone agrees with this issue so here are the ideas...

Herbs - Overall system with gathering is to my liking, but with time player will begin see it boring, why not expand production of flux this way... We have three types of herb - common,fresh and pristine - why should we "squezze" the same amount from not matured herb and blooming bush?
A herb is a measly stem of a plant, while a pristine herb is a blooming bush, a stand to reason that you would get more then just one item from it.

If we add two pristine herb why dont we get 2 flux from this or even 3 or 4? I know something similiar is implemented in game i dont know if this feature in progress or not, but some of you have probably added not 2 but 3 herbs. From you can make flux and i have seen that you get not amount of 1 but 1,5 of flux which doesnt make sense for now as there are no things like "1,5 flux" is this feature or mistake? I dont know but my idea stands...
You would say "This way people would get too much flux". Its true thats why i get another idea. Why not scratch system a little bit and revamp it this way that some herbs grows only in diffent areas? Some should grow in woods some in meadows another near marshlands and some in deserts or some on trees etc...
People would need to travel to get rare plants and if Herb Planting(on this, in a moment) is made and implemented -seeds- to plant...
I dont know but traveling to different parts of map and gathering rare ingredients/herb seeds to plant in home would be very satisfying for me and probably for everyone...

Herb Planting - The first thing when i saw Herbalist skill i knew this is the man that possesses extent knowlege of herbs. How come he cant plant even single one?
Please introduce garden pottery and physic gardens and make most of the herbs and roots plantable.

This way we can introduce easer metod of obtaining flux and why not add prevous idea of 3 herbs making more flux? You would say
"This way flux will be too easy to obtain"
Not true as everything depends on configuration and speed in which herb grow and amount of work and attention they need. You can plant them in garden behind alchmist shop or in special building or in pots...
After all they are "Wild Herbs"
Finally. I been saying this for ages. Make them plant-able, make them less tedious. Make the game fun by changing alchemy all together.

[i]Minerals[i] - Everyone know mineral catalysts, they are used in increasing quality of potions. There are 11 now in game and they are govern by the same rules as herbs, they have so called "properties" some are used in increasing will,intelligence etc. How is it possible that NONE can be used in making flux? There are many minerals that are used in making flux:
So another solution that can be added with some\all previous ideas. If lets say example:
Lets add 3 pristine herbs and 1 mineral, add them and i thing its fair that you get 6-7 or 8-9 flux
And add mineral with properities of flux we should get in theory 5-6 flux..
Another thing is there are only 11 minerals why so little...

[i]Alchemy Minigame[i] - Almost every profession have minigame i thing adding this thing we should make quite fun while making flux\potions
This way you could add the game that require knowlege and makes alchemy a little more fun

Sorry for making this post so long, and than you have endured this long...
And sorry for my English...
So what do you guys thing?
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