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Few ideas for Life is feudal MMO


I enjoy the MMO alot but i think there are some things that you could inprove. Like the fact that theres only one main city and first come first served, and I understand that not everyone can get a setlement down around the main city to sell to the crown. That's what happend to me and my friends so we had to go and build 40min of walking away from the city. Wich made the proces of selling to the crown bad cuz we would die with our coins on the way plus carying the building logs that much harder. Also the trees around the main city cant be cut down but cant get any sprouts from them eather so we can't replant. Most of the trees on the server are gone no one is regrowing them and players are leaving the stumps wich makes the game lag a bit and a bit unstable.

The idea i had was if there is a way to implement a few smaller setlments like the main city to whom we could sell our stuff for the coins, and make what we can sell at the starting stages something else then trees. It can be anything from stone tools to food, or something that needs to be crafted at the beginning. Trees are realy depleted at this point and it makes the game imposible to play at least for smaller groups like mine who can't place a guild monument at this time. Also food is hard to get because all the apple trees are without apples, fishing took me 40min to catch 1 fish that gave me 15 food and I wish i could get a hare and a chicken to eat. If its possible to place in the cityies a tavern or something where we could buy food from the king or a cheaften or some NPC building so we don't starve. I know the trees are growing but its taking a long time for them to be cutable and actualy to be used for something. It would be amazing if you could make the trees more vast or at least grow faster and so they are not used for the selling to the crown. I know that the inexperianced player doesn't know what the quality of the items means but that also means they don't know how much they will get from what quality tree, wich means players tend to cut down all the trees and not uproot them leave them there beucase they can't get a building log out and move on. After couple of days the logs desapear the tree gone to waist and nobody doing anything about new trees. I also hear alot of players that the launcher is buged and doesn't always work for me personaly when it's downloading the update it tends to freeze and i have to close the game in task manager and start it over again for it to work sometimes even twice to make it run. I just want to help and make the MMO best real life medival life simulator. Hope this helps and we see maybe some of these changes in the future.
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    Friday, October 15 2021, 06:03 AM - #Permalink
    I'm supporting the idea of visual geometry and math models of Life is feudal MMO. But I would like to change a few things in the game. First of all, these are the main city features and the trees.
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    Tuesday, November 16 2021, 03:18 PM - #Permalink
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