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Interactive Persistent Player Characters

Essentially co-op player characters into doubling up as NPCs.

- Let player created characters bind themselves to a profession related building. When the player logs off the character remains in the game world. Ideally these character would move about but I'm guessing that is asking for a bit much. If you log off outside a certain radius from your bind you despawn normally.

- Other players can leave messages, trade (at preset prices), collect items etc.

- Have a system whereby an event is something an individual character knows. If you interact with this character while a player is offline he can tell you what he knows about the game world such as who is king where, who has conquered what, known criminals in the area etc. Such knowledge would spread from character to character and those in different places would have different things to say. Possibilities is endless here.
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    Friday, April 10 2015, 07:06 AM - #Permalink
    Great idea! Leaving the game we have to care that you are not killed, but your presence in the game will allow your friends something to gain from your presence. For example if the blacksmith to leave around the forge with the necessary resources or make up a container in the forge where they can be put, your friends will order items even if you are not in the game. Or the farmer will be able to clean stalls offline.
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    Friday, April 10 2015, 08:51 AM - #Permalink
    I am curious to hear from the ones that downvoted this suggestion what you don't like?
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    Saturday, April 11 2015, 12:16 AM - #Permalink
    I think it's a good idea but I wouldn't want to have things like that said without me beeing there and telling this some random guy^^
    I think it's a good idea to have offline players work as NPC, since often you dont know when he will be back, maybe you miss your mate several times and wont be able to even create a barrel because he doesnt know you could need some metalbands.

    But there are several problems I personal wouldnt like about this.
    first of all, I wouldnt want my charakter to tell someone I dont know things about my leader or give him that much information about the area (would I be able to disable this feature?)
    So maybe you can just write some lines the people will read if they want to talk to your NPC-self.

    Also having your NPC moving around would need a good working pathfinding algorithm, sounds not that hard but it will naturaly cause a lot of problems if you just get stuck somewhere or run across the island because it somehow failed.
    (will it just be produced/cleaned etc. without my NPC moving around?)
    would not give me a good feeling if I log in and get overburdened with dung or metalsheets, or will the produced things move to a warehouse?
    and where do I get my resources from?

    So while the idea itself is very good (especially the part with being there and the chance to be killed while being offline)
    it will cause some problems if we dont think about it enought.

    The only thing I realy dont like is, why would I want to change a game, where the fun comes from the time you need to spent to accomplish something, into something I could play on my smartphone?
    (but befor anyone will tell me he wants to play even if he doesnt have much time...well, ok with me but everyone who wants to play should do it himself and not change this game into some boring browsergame, there are plenty already)
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    Saturday, April 11 2015, 07:13 AM - #Permalink
    Maybe I should clarify;

    (1) The player does not write these lines. This would be developer content input into the system based on what is happening in the world. Players can never approach the quality that a professional can produce.

    (2) The information would not be anything secret, it would be world events. It would be the normal stuff you could read about on a forum. It would be to create an in-game RPG experience. So there would be no reason for you to want to keep this information to yourself.

    (3) Since you character is bound to a profession related building the character would not store anything on himself. Everything would go into your storage. So you can't be overburdened.

    (4) Pathfinding is really not necessary, it would only add additional atmosphere to the world, so while cool is completely irrelevant for any practical benefits this idea might have.

    (5) As for your browser game concern, there are several variations.
    - You could put restrictions on the quality and speed of the item produced OR
    - Maybe no production takes place, you just place and order and the player has to do it manually while online and you can also collect it later while he is offline.
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    Saturday, April 11 2015, 09:42 AM - #Permalink
    This is a pretty nice idea!
    Would be nice to be able to assign jobs for your character while you are offline or just afk. I am thinking of setting waypoints, using objects as markers and giving comands like 'harvest area around a certain object with Radius of 5 squares'. You would still be kind of in charge of your actions. You just need to plan ahead and make all the neccessary resources avilable. If jobs are done the character could move to his home and go to sleep and eat something if he needs to.
    If somebody attacks your character while you are offline, he should get a bigger allignment loss or some other punishment.

    But I guess this will be difficult to implement without making it to complicated.
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    Saturday, April 11 2015, 11:38 AM - #Permalink
    @knoedelbrot - To be honest that would be my vision for a sandbox. Players manage all processes but actual production is done automatically. However to make high quality items you have to do so manually. It would largely take away the annoyance of dying and have to replace equipment because you are not forced to spend time doing repetitive tasks. Unfortunately this game is already too far down the path for that to happen.
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