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MMO PVP Battlegrounds Minigames

I think this game should look to games like World of Warcraft in what they do with their instanced battle games. Make it easy like a load in button you can place on your hotbar. I think you would be able to sell it to more people if you had some kind of instant action fun. Something where you can spawn your items, or select a preloaded class type, and just battle without it effecting your main world character.

Something similar to this that i've seen was the oroboros tournament server. I am suggesting however that the dev's set up some kind of capture the control points game, so that every player upon entering the game world can immediately experience the best parts of the game, ie, large scale warfare.

Set up a 50 per team red vs blue game, and a red vs blue vs gold game, let the people teleport to the battlegrounds mode and people will love it. Then more people will play the game for the minigame battlegrounds mode, and subsequently more people will join in on the castle building in the mainland. Then you will have satisfied a greater diversity of players from casual to hardcore.
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    Tuesday, October 24 2017, 11:39 PM - #Permalink
    I only suggest something like this because i am a relatively new player to the game and just spent 10+ hours teraforming, only to be killed outside my shack 8 times by the same band of fully kited gear griefers. I need a 30 second cast teleport to matchmaking system so that I have an option other than logging out when i'm getting killed over and over.

    You could award each player from the winning team something like 5 skill points, or a stat point, or a simple weapon.
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    Saturday, October 28 2017, 06:43 PM - #Permalink
    This game positioning itself as a hardcore and realistic game. I hate Blizzard when they added LFG(Looking for group) button in WoW. It removed this feeling of adventure when you're venturing with your group to instance to queue once you had arrived. If you want an LFG button,this game is not for you,my friend. The target audience for this game(LiF:MMO) people who need a hard,interesting game with RP elements. And adding an "LFG" button would ruin such experience.
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    Friday, August 27 2021, 07:30 PM - #Permalink
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