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Simple skins

Obviously adding more content into the actual game would be amazing, and I'd like to think that will come eventually, but undoubtedly there is alot more time and work to code in new items and such into an MMO vs. a simple visual skin onto an existing item.

So in the mean time, I enjoy seeing new skins to add variety to my game and provide some support to production and keep the actual game subscription free. And since the art department is separate and can undoubtedly work on several concepts simultaneously, it's a good way to add simple visual options and support production.

I may be the only one, but I am not necessarily a big fan of super fancy, golden weapons.

Could perhaps a round of skins be produced for clothing, armor, weapons and such that gives us more 'simple' variety please?

For example: A set of 1 handed sword skins that make the nordic sword look like various realistic one handed swords. It could just be simple plain swords utilizing Oakeshott's typology or Petersen's hilt database. Just a bunch of simple, rugged medieval swords to enjoy.

The same could be applied to clothing and such, a few more basic clothing skin options to just change the way you look in rags or outfits. A few different colored specialty outfit varieties, etc.

Eventually, these could find their way into the game as new items and content, but in the meantime it could give boring people like me that would like more realistic looking skins options.

Again, might just be me, but I've spent a fair amount on skins and such and love this game and want to support it, but I've actually stopped spending on skins not because I don't want to support, but that nothing interests me because I have all the simple things and the rest are too extreme for me.
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