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Thief gameplay

Hi, I suggest to develop infiltration/thief gameplay for LIF.

By adding these abilities :

Silent move
Pickpocket (by cutting purses) (better if the game would be on 1st person)
Hiding (make your character disappear when he is behind a bush or in a dark place near to some obstacle)
Climbing (I know, is coming soon, can be nice to climb to the house's roof)
Assassinate/knock out (I like the style in "Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines". It can be more or less silently, more or less successful : high damages instead of killing, according to skills. Don't forget to disable the microphone for dead or knocked people, Teamspeak can be a problem ...)

To integrate this I think that it would previously be better :

To replace the Claim system by a guard system : The claim monument would become a guard's headquarter. Guard would be NPC that the guild's master can manage by placing them, defining patrols and telling them who can get in the claim or not. More "guard's headquarter" (guild monument) will improve, More you can place guards and improve their armor.
Guard should be able to hear someone coming and to discribe a face (when we'll have character customs) whe they see.

But also to craft some purses with leather to hold small items like coins.
To craft some lockpicking tools
To change the "forest soil" texture putting some dead leaves that would be more noisy when you step on it (is not mandatory but the forests sometimes looks like some city's parks)
To increase bushe's and young trees wide size
To make it easyer to shoot someone running and wounded people should run slower (lag doesn't allows to play like in mount and blade, I suggest a targetting system that will anticipate ennemie's movements, is just an idea ...)

What do you think ?
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    Sunday, November 15 2015, 07:51 PM - #Permalink
    Best idea in this list.

    I vote for this 100%!

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    Sunday, November 15 2015, 08:01 PM - #Permalink
    I do believe a lot of these features are a Bit hard to implement as far as hiding, and pick pocketing, just because Life is Feudal is setup usually with borders around cities, and people keep a close eye on who is close.

    Some of these features are Great, and need to be considered. I am all for Lock-picking skills in these MMORPG type games.
    I also like the idea of Stealth, and being able to hide in the shadows easier.

    Cheers mate!
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    Wednesday, November 18 2015, 01:18 AM - #Permalink
    cool idea , would be interesting to implement. At the very least id love to see a crouch "sneak" option maybe would make you abit quieter depending on your armor.
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    Thursday, November 19 2015, 05:05 PM - #Permalink
    To replace the Claim system by a guard system : The claim monument would become a guard's headquarter.

    I think the guild monument must be different for a thief (as the guard Headquarter sistem). Thief can create a camp with a small command tent where he can set up his guild. He must be able to move his camp when he want (to be able to run away from who is hunting him).

    And a Guard headquarter for every faction would be fantastic, depending with the guild monument level and type.

    A kingdom can build a guard post and upgrade it.
    The upgrade depends from the guild monument level and type
    I mean, if you have a lvl 1 monument (normal monument) you can have 4 guards who protect your settlement. (village)
    Lvl 2 allow you to have 8 guards. (big village)
    Lvl 3 - 15 guards (little city)
    Lvl 4 - 20 guards (is a kindom guild, and of course a kingdom city)
    The guard post allow you to set up this npc guards and choose where they must go and what they must do.
    If a kingdom claim cover a village claim, can choose the type of npc guards and their armors.

    Thief guard post will be a bit different.
    The thief can set up a tent guardpost or his monument can be upgraded to a thief headquarter.
    Lvl 1 allow you to have 5 men who protecting his camp.

    The thief monument will have only the first level but a bit bigger than the kingdom monument (normal lvl 1 monument) and can't allow him to build lots of building.

    Thief have his type of buildings like the smith tent or the kitchen etc etc. He have a camp, not a city, he runs away from the "police". Soo can't create a city.

    The Kingdom monument depend from "autority".
    The thief monument will not rise autority and can be destroyed and moved away, and it have only lvl.

    Of course you can be a thief without create a camp, but this is another thing.
    The thief rank can be setted from the characters option menu ("P" ingame) like a title and nobody know who the thief his because this title is not visible.

    You think is a good idea?
    Of course the alignment will decay if you kill people and thiefs are not protected from this or the game will be a pvp all kill all.

    this ideas must be discussed.
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    Tuesday, November 24 2015, 07:36 PM - #Permalink
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    Tuesday, November 24 2015, 08:56 PM - #Permalink
    Love this idea, reminds me of UO so much.

    Even mirror the UO scheme if needed, it was awesome.

    Snoop to see people's inventory. (a skill that anybody could make use of really)
    Steal to steal something in the bag or off them, weight and location of the bag/pouch would make it harder and skill level obviously.
    Hide to go invisible but only after breaking LOS, but if you do any action you are visible.
    Sneak to move slowly while hidden only a few steps before having to sneak again which could fail.

    Even do the perma gray deal if possible.
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