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To liven Up the feudal life: NPCs in general

Hi, I am new here, so please be acceptable and read my suggestion before right out cancel it. Thanks.

I found a Suggestion, while flippen through the pages, which sparked my interesst, but in another way, than the creater had in mind.
I am refering to this suggestion: Player Created NPC Laborers/Helpers/Guards/Etc.??

I agree, as clearly said in the first replay that "Usefull" NPC are a no go, since it torpeds the concept of the game.

However... NPCs that are only for show (or simplify things), would be nice... at least now in "Your Own", it appears to be rather lonely sometimes... So an NPC as waiter in a Tavern, a young helper in the smith and so on, would be nice. It would liven up the world.
Same goes for a shop. Perhaps the player who finishes certain buildings is able to "contract" an NPC for show. I do see some potential in this, but as I said: NO towards USEFULL NPCs.

Perhaps that is something for later Patches or addons. At least, if you could also interact with them to a degree. Here are some suggestion what could it be like, with non-usfule NPCs:

- The Waiter in a Tavern could sell you drinks and food (at a price set beforehand), which have to be crafted by players and the money would either become the property of the one who finished the building/ contracted the NPC, or send to the guild (with a lose of a certain amount, since the NPC would be needed to be "payed"). This concept is also adaptable for other jobs with special buildings, or a new building called "shop".

- The young helper in the Smithe could tell you, which materials are still needed in the inventory of the smith for certain things to craft. Again, this could be applied to other crafting-jobs, besides Smith.

- A Farm-Helper could tell you by asking him how the next harvest is coming along, how long it will take before it is ready... All in a certain raduis around his set field.

- An obvious NPC Guard could be applyed to the corner of the claimed Territory, to aks for permission to enter, so that you do not need to wait for a real player to grant it. *this one is the furthest from a good Idea, since I do not know how this will work later on in the game*

- You could also "marry" an NPC, which would require you to get your own house, and so on. Perhaps even children are thinkable and a family would certainly require a lot of attention from the Player, providing a lot more entertainment in the long run.

- Certain NPCs would also seem required for a castle, like a Herold.

How would the NPCs work?

Well there are certainly some requirements, that would be needed to fullfill. And I would also differ for a Player to contract an NPC or a Guild.
However certain aspects should remain the same:

- An NPC can be contracted by anyone with acces to the Area or Building in question. Only a Guild-Master can contract an NPC for the Guild.

- NPCs can be set with whom they are allowed to interact in terms of their job. Only with the contractor, only the same Guild, friends, everyone.

- Contracting an NPC requires Money/Resources (perhaps both, or on the Resources side, at least food, perhaps even a free place as shelter), the working Place, where he also will be recruited (A certain Building like a Tavern, a Smith, or a field of a minimum length for Farmers and Forest-workers) and time before the NPC arrives, since it is more like setting up a "Helper Wanted" sign.

- NPCs can be killed, with the same penelaty, as Slaying someone who has given up, since that is the only reaction the will do, once attacked or a War is delcared.

- NPCs need to be payed periodically.

- NPCs must be easy to distinguish from real Players. Either by a certain Color of their Name (better if that would be bigger, than the curent onces for players and objects) or by lighting up when selectable.

- NPCs would move only within their workspace, perhaps one more field around.

- NPCs will not "work" during night-time.

- Customizing a NPC would be great, but at least selecting his Gender and race should be doable. Naming him has his ups and downs.

- NPCs will notify their contrator, if they can not paided from the current possesion (if possible, it should work automatically) and will leave if that happens at a nother intervall a second time, without beeing paid the earlier still requiered payment.

If that is nessecary in a MMO Version is a question the Beta would have to answer... I also admit, that I am asking alot, but at least for the private maps it would be GREAT and I am sure a lot of players on the interactive map would appreciat it as well.

What do you think about it? Is it even possible to implant?

I will await your responses, greetings Naird Blutfaust.
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    Friday, July 03 2015, 07:36 PM - #Permalink
    While I like the idea this is good only for MMO players. Single play yes this would be nice but would it be worth the effort to make the building, no.
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    Sunday, August 09 2015, 10:43 AM - #Permalink
    i kinda like the idea. im bored to see kingdoms of 5 people, i would like to see more population, but still being a game which need cooperation of the players, thats the idea, but yes i would like to see random npc just walking or stuff.
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    Tuesday, August 11 2015, 03:33 PM - #Permalink
    I am for small role NPCs like you said barmaids and wifes, but no more like farmer helpers, smith helpers, please no fuck*ng supid helpers:D
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    Sunday, August 30 2015, 05:48 PM - #Permalink
    There appears to be a little misunderstanding regarding the helpers...

    I never wanted them to do any work. They are simply supposed to give information, I would like it a lot, if they could even carry Messages to the Worker of the Shop, like an Order for tools for a Smith, or Arrows for a Carpenter.

    The NPCs should not replace the working force players are supposed to be, but simplyfying things like communication or giving you an overview of the storage or growth-status is a usefull addition, not replacing anythin already doable.

    And otherwise, yes: Statist would be great :-P
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    Tuesday, September 01 2015, 02:29 AM - #Permalink
    The NPCs should not replace the working force players are supposed to be, but simplyfying things like communication or giving you an overview of the storage or growth-status is a usefull addition, not replacing anythin already doable.

    This got me thinking: could this NPC-based communication be used to replace the "Global" chat? Instead of instant messaging all across the world, people would need a "post office/whatever" to recieve messages, which are sent by using your own NPC couriers, running with letters.

    It would certainly add very much realism and stop "flaming". It would allow private communications between bases - as long as nobody hijacked the letters! ;)
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    Tuesday, September 01 2015, 12:14 PM - #Permalink
    YES, something for the mmo version could be like (since its an unlimited world) NPC tutorial villages, like tutorial island in runescape, also some indestructible villages/ towns with npc's with important locations, like the grand exchange in runescape.
    I know this game is player based, but some really cool things in games cannot be achieved by players, for example lets compare minecraft to something with npc's like Albion Online or runescape. Even though it is POSSIBLE to have a trade-house or grand exchange with a fluctuating economy but because of human nature, what we get is just baron land with ugly half dug tunnels and all resources exploited and taken.

    Especially when you have an mmo with a bunch or random people not private servers with team speak channels like there is currently, TRUST ME, if we give humans an actual "sandbox", then there will be no order. I support the idea of whole npc run cities that players can go into and talk with the npc's, the city would have guards that stop players who try to take its resources or destroy its lands or have the land indestructible, maybe we could also get some quests from them too. these cities wont expand, hell even if there's only one it will make the game much more approachable to new players. if someone were to join it and the spawn area has been exhausted of its resources, and there's naked people running around killing everyone, and you dont know how to play it would tempt him/her to get off.

    If you dont like the idea of cities in the main server, maybe a separate tutorial city that you leave and cant come back to, and a protected spawn area. Lets face it, not everyone who plays this game will be a part of a large group that can handle itself, and that kind of people make up the majority of players, so we need to make the game appealing to them, we can see the effects of this in the review section of this game.
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    Wednesday, November 17 2021, 05:24 AM - #Permalink
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    Wednesday, December 01 2021, 11:06 AM - #Permalink
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    Wednesday, May 25 2022, 09:52 PM - #Permalink
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    Wednesday, May 25 2022, 10:25 PM - #Permalink
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