64bit Client and Server Released! (

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64bit Client and Server Released! (

Post by Arrakis » 02 Feb 2017, 14:23

Hey everyone,

After approximately one week of public beta testing, we’re happy to announce that our 64bit client and server application are stable enough for release! Here are the patch notes covering changes since the previous version patch.

Patch notes (ver.
New features and tweaks:
  • 64 bit client and server applications released
  • Recipes: Furnace, Big cauldron, Kiln, Tiny Shack, Plaster Tiny Shack, Sign moved from Mat. prep to Construction
  • Recipes: Quern-stone, Potter's wheel moved from Mat. prep to Carpentry
  • Removed ability ‘Create’(id=101)
  • Corrected tabs in building list
  • Recipes: Archery target, Training dummy, Drying frame, Wine press, Loom, Plough, Tanning Tub moved from Construction to Carpentry
  • Recipe: Floor lamp moved from Construction to Arts
  • Recipes: Stone Stair, Beveled Stone Stair moved from Construction to Masonry
  • Palisade Wall required Construction=20 (instead of 60)
  • Wooden Wall required Construction=30 (instead of 65)
  • Small Stable required Construction=60 (instead of 90)
  • Stone Wall required Masonry=0 (instead of 30)
  • Other minor recipes changes, updated xmls and sqls"
  • Fixed pike and lances combat technique that allowed to swing pike/lance sidewards while performing a thrusting attack to receive an inadequate amount of speed bonus
  • Included some render optimizations
  • Hunger meter is set to 100 after respawn now
  • ‘Dry a Hide’ ability moved from 60 to 30 skill
  • ‘Use Tanning Tub’ ability moved from 60 to 0
  • ‘Pick Up’ ability moved from 60 to 0
  • ‘Pick up a Hide’ ability moved from 60 to 30
  • ‘Hank of wool’ and ‘Wool cloth’ recipes moved from 30 to 60
  • ‘Thick dried hide’ and ‘Thin dried hide’ recipes moved from 60 to 30
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a container renaming issue that caused all other containers to have the same name as a renamed one
  • You can sit on a chair inside buildings now
  • Movable objects do not disappear anymore if the unfinished unmovable object was deconstructed in the same cell
  • Normalized the video intro sound volume
  • Fixed a black screen bug that caused loading problems on some hardware specs
  • Water plane no longer moves with a mounted player’s camera mode. You will not see water changing angles when the player is mounted on a hind legged horse.
  • Fixed particle lighting issues
  • Fixed some issues with Invulnerability effect mechanics
  • Fixed a couple of memory leaks that have caused unstable behavior of the application
Please keep in mind that crashes are still possible, so we want to thank you in advance for reporting them here, providing comments while reporting and especially for your patience and understanding!

We’re not going to officially support the 32bit version any longer. We are going to leave a legacy branch for those users that cannot switch to the 64bit version though, for whatever reason. We are sorry for any inconvenience!

- The team

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Re: 64bit Client and Server Released! (

Post by Saar » 02 Feb 2017, 14:28

Traduction française disponible sur von Culm
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Re: 64bit Client and Server Released! (

Post by Thescotsviking » 02 Feb 2017, 14:54

Sorry for stupid question but how do I switch to the 64bit version, in simple steps please I have no clue lol

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Re: 64bit Client and Server Released! (

Post by Palladin » 02 Feb 2017, 15:24

1. did you download 64 bit version?

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Re: 64bit Client and Server Released! (

Post by Khan- » 02 Feb 2017, 15:55

Disponible en Français sur : Lifeisfeudal-fr.com

just download the last version of the game, if you launch the game, it will obviously 64bit version
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Re: 64bit Client and Server Released! (

Post by Hawlsey » 04 Feb 2017, 07:07

At the risk of sounding stupid... but I am not at all sure how to download the new client. I got it downloaded from a link in an email during the last test, but can't find a link anywhere on the website and the game claims to be up-to-date. Is it not running right now?

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Re: 64bit Client and Server Released! (

Post by Baal » 04 Feb 2017, 09:16

For LIF:YO on steam it will download the new version automaticly.
For LIF:MMO it should download in the client launcher, but beta is closed for the moment and server are not running.

Big thanks to devs for this version, no bugs, no crash, less laggy on hight graphics and texture, memory usage more stable, no more runtime error.
Good job !

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