... and add some “realism” to your meal (

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... and add some “realism” to your meal (

Post by Bobik » 09 Sep 2015, 10:37

While certain combat mechanics and user-voted features are being developed and tweaked, we continue to add new functionality and tweaks to current systems, as well as fixing any bugs that may arise.

Patch notes (ver.

    New features:
  • Implemented random events functionality. Now, while walking in peace mode or performing different crafting actions, there is a certain chance that a random event will occur. Most of them are harmless and designed to increase your immersion - some of them are positive, while some can be negative and even harmful! Server admins can tweak chances of such events occurring by tweaking world config:
  • Implemented body turning inertia. You can no longer instantly make a 180 degree turn. The weight of your equipment affect your turning speed. So a full plate warrior will turn significantly slower than a person not wearing armor.
  • Added some realism to swimming mechanics. While swimming on the surface, you will drain your Hard Stamina. While diving underwater, your soft Stamina will be drained (quite fast). If you deplete either of those stamina pools while in the water - you’re dead. The weight of your equipment and Swimming skill value affects how fast these stamina pools will be drained while swimming.
  • Implemented new /stuck mechanic. It should free your character if you get into a situation where you cannot move
  • Tweaked range and trajectory of ranged weapons projectiles.
  • Added/fixed Permadeath world mode. Any character that dies in that mode will be completely removed from the server and you will have to create a new one from the scratch
  • Added/fixed Colonization world mode. The aim of that mode is to build a Large Keep as soon as possible. After that, the game turns into sandbox mode.

    Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a very elusive bug that prevented some players from interacting properly with objects within the game. Many thanks to Doğan Kuray Güler, Malus, Derek Cassady and Airborne for really helping us fight it!
  • A proper horse carcass is now spawned upon rideable horse death
  • Fixed a client crash that would sometimes occur while interacting with a hotbar
  • Fixed a minor bug where dung quality was calculated improperly if all animals inside coop/barn/stable are dead
  • Multiple minor bug fixes

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