Finally! MMO beta Wave #0 has started!

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Finally! MMO beta Wave #0 has started!

Post by Arrakis » 10 Jun 2016, 19:02

Dear friends!

After six years of development (since May 2010), including six months of alpha tests (first half of 2014), as well as two years of the MMO being on hold while LiF:YO was in development, we are so excited to announce that we’re FINALLY starting the beta tests of Life is Feudal: MMO!

We are starting Beta Wave #0, which will run for a short period of time (a few weeks). Our original backers/donors back from 2014, along with some of our friends, are eligible for this wave. Those with golden and teal nicknames on our boards are the lucky group who are taking part in Wave #0 (all people who qualify for the proper colored forum names are already active).

If you can view this topic (reporting-bugs-and-issues-t17815/), it means you will be able to participate in all beta waves, including the current wave. We actually strongly encourage you, not only to read this topic, but to study it carefully! We expect to find some bugs/crashes/other nasty things to come up once tests have started, so please be careful not to post multiple reports of known issues.

What will not work in Beta wave#0:

  • Global politics and advanced guild management. Guilds work a similar way to LiF:YO for now
  • Formations and groups are temporary disabled (it will be reactivated in a few days)

Keep your fingers crossed and prepare to CRUSH and CRASH! :)

Oh, we nearly forgot- :) here is the launcher download link: mmorpg-beta-client-download-t910/

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