LiF:YO is coming

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LiF:YO is coming

Post by Bobik » 02 Sep 2014, 10:08

LiF:YO Steam Early Alpha release is really close and probably should happen at 19th of September 2014! Unfortunately due to our limited server capabilities we have to cease alpha tests of LiF:MMO in order to run official LiF:YO servers on these servers. IF things go good, we plan to bring LiF:MMO servers up and ready for tests as soon as possible.

As a compensation, current Alpha testers will receive CD keys for both testing and release versions of LiF:YO. We really looking forward for your help to test out LiF:YO with us.

Testers will “soon” © be able to receive their testing CD keys here:

P.S LiF:YO release date was not confirmed by Valve yet and might change.

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