Roadmap 2015 and PAX South

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Roadmap 2015 and PAX South

Post by Bobik » 16 Jan 2015, 16:26

As soon as we saw your overwhelming support on the first day when early access became available, we understood that we have to make a perfect game for all of you! Thus, we started to expand our team of professionals. That process was not instant, we had to tread carefully and test new members’ development skills to ensure quality. We had even organized our own QA team for the same reason. Many doomsayers believed that we would end up on some island paradise with the financial part of your support. Alas! We are still in our office working as hard as ever and hoping to bring tons of cool stuff to LiF at 2015!

To show you what the future will bring we are glad to present our Roadmap 2015!

We were usually referred to as a “small unknown gamedev team”. Frankly, we don’t like the first two words in this definition. So we are already on the way to eliminating the “small” prefix and now we have decided to start working on the “unknown” part of the naming! Thus we will attend our first expo! Beware PAX South! ( LiF is going to pay you a visit! Alas they do not allow us to bring bears in (poor Boris has to stay at home), but you can meet Bobik, Saxxon and Steph in our castle-booth #1261! There will be some fun and you will have a chance to win an extra CD key or a cool Life is Feudal T-shirt!

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