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Paganism, prisonners and sacrifice !

Hello guys and Ladys !

A lot of people asked for different religions like : islam, paganism, and christianism (monuments should also be related to these religions)

- Paganism : religion work the same way for all of three, only buildings should change, pray, pray, pray...

- Prisonners could be a fun system, even for the prisonner... i read here or there, that people who become a prisonner just have to disconnect and wait...
I though about that... when you capture somebody :
- He can wait until he sees what happen, for next 2 hours, he'll be totally captive, can move but should not try to flee, because... hey you know why ! Let them bring him to their town/cave/cage/castle... asking for a ransom, or not. And religions will have an importance ! [list]
- Christians : earn a good amount of piety if they come to free their friend if he's captive. (if the prisonner is sacrificed, he'll die as a martyr and earn a little amount of piety/aligment)
- Pagan : earn a big amount of piety/aligment if they sacrify him in a ceremony that last at least 10-15min, in a precise area (to prevent killing him 10 seconds after being captured...)
- Islam : should work like christian, or earn piety if he's killed while being prisonners (not while fleeing) (if the prisonner is sacrificed, he'll die as a martyr and earn a little amount of piety/aligment)

- If the prisonner prefer to disconnect, his character just become inconcious... whatever happen, the same destiny can occure... no dialog become possible, his death is probably the best way to finish this...

Capitivity should only be active for 2 hours : not to long, not too short, the perfect time to ask for a ransom, or bring back home the prisonner... When the 2 hours hae finished, he'll be able to trick his binds (cage, rope or iron bounds) and try to flee... at his own risk, if he doesn't, his status of prisonner will stay
Killing a prisonner without sacrificing him will down you alignment, like a cold blood killing in the nature

Sacrifice : it will be a way to raise piety for pagans, and it also help other religions to raise their piety.

I hope i've been clear enough :) :D
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    Tuesday, May 19 2015, 01:49 PM - #Permalink
    When I say piety, it's obviously aligment.

    Cage or building related to prisonners, won't be include into claimed area, everyone will be able to open these buildings/cages

    If people ask me "christians or muslims have no need to capture", don't remember, you can ask for a ransom.
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    Tuesday, May 19 2015, 02:29 PM - #Permalink
    Not a bad idea
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    Monday, September 26 2022, 08:45 AM - #Permalink
    This is a good idea, I totally agree with your religious views. the impossible quiz
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