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Have you guys and gals notice that there is very little reason to use steel on a two handed weapon?
If you use a different material like copper, the texture looks the same as if you made it with iron.
Do you dislike that durability has not affect on your equipment textures?
But do you hate when your smelting metals and forget to repair the furnace, at it breaks?

Not anymore:
Different metals should have different Qualities/textures, the quality could be changed as easy as(Just made a basic idea ratios could be changed)->
Copper->0-40 Quality
Iron------->40-70 Quality
Steel------->70-90 Quality
Vostaskus-->90-100 Quality
Or it could be done in a ratio where one is able to have a a 100 quality copper shovel, but its not as a good as a quality 100 iron, etc.

With durability it would change how effective your tool or buildings(buildings are fine now, but with visual ques) is when goes below 25% durability. As the durability goes down the texture will change accordingly, with what Material and Durability it is at.
(Example) ->
*Iron shovel
100%->Flawless texture
80%---->Gets a tad bit of dirt on it
60%------>More dirt, first stage of oxidation, Handle looks worn
40%-------->Just looks a bit more worn, rust showing
20%---------->Looks rusty, maybe even losing some of the shovels edges, Splintery/worn handle
0%------------->Broken old looking shovel icon in inventory
Would work the same from buildings(decent visual ques), to bows, weapons, armor, and tools.
With even all this being seen while you have it on, it would also work the same for the Icons too.

This whole idea would translate to armor, weapons, and tools, but give them a sweet texture on them and their icons. It would help balance the game more, and not everyone running around with the best quality this and that. Makes it so you separate those who will go the extra step for perfections and those fine with what they got. Whats cool is, with the variety of texture you could size up your opponent even better on just what he is wearing alone.
Would also make it easier to see if buildings needed repair, just by seeing how they look alone(visual ques).

I could probably go on and on and on, about this, but I'm just going to leave it at this..........

OH yeah, Vote for It :D.
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    Monday, June 29 2015, 08:30 PM - #Permalink
    I like your ideas, from the multiple suggestions you made I would personally prefer different textures for copper, Iron, ect. as well as have those separate textures be decayed due to quality. So a copper shovel Q100 would have a brown tint to it, but look flawless, were as a Iron shovel Q50 would be black with noticeable flaws.
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    Monday, July 06 2015, 08:41 PM - #Permalink
    This is great, i also had similar ideas for this, you have my vote.

    I do have something to add, just to make the crafting of items more in depth. Allow tinkering of the metals and tools so you can control carbon levels in steel for example: More carbon(or flux.. ;) , harder steel, better performance but lower durability. And for tools themselves, a silly but practical example: Bigger head on a shovel, cost more, digs more at once but a bit slower at digging (In the long rung you dig more). Just a thought though.

    @eli_smith I agree that different textures for the different metals would be very appropriate.
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    Saturday, July 11 2015, 09:42 AM - #Permalink
    i like the idea, but i agree with eli_smith, copper etc. should also have quality 1-100 but an iron or even steel sword should do more dmg and have a higher durability since u can sharpen the blades better, while blunt weapons should be build from iron or copper for the higher weight, saw such a thing in another game, and the weapon crafting was some part i really liked there, every material had some benefits for different weapon types. like a bow was crafted from 2 different materials, metals sucked hard while the right combination of wood and/or insect parts could give a nice boost for the bows range and/or damage but also the character using that bow had to have a minimum limit of STR to be able to use it. Blunt weapons deal more dmg with heavier materials but also requiered more STR. etc. etc. was a really nice thing.
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    Saturday, May 13 2023, 08:52 AM - #Permalink
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