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I think the guild monument must be different for a thief (as the guard Headquarter sistem). Thief can create a camp with a small command tent where he can set up his guild. He must be able to move his camp when he want (to be able to run away from who is hunting him).

And a Guard headquarter for every faction would be fantastic, depending with the guild monument level and type.

A kingdom can build a guard post and upgrade it.
The upgrade depends from the guild monument level and type
I mean, if you have a lvl 1 monument (normal monument) you can have 4 guards who protect your settlement. (village)
Lvl 2 allow you to have 8 guards. (big village)
Lvl 3 - 15 guards (little city)
Lvl 4 - 20 guards (is a kindom guild, and of course a kingdom city)
The guard post allow you to set up this npc guards and choose where they must go and what they must do.
If a kingdom claim cover a village claim, can choose the type of npc guards and their armors.

Thief guard post will be a bit different.
The thief can set up a tent guardpost or his monument can be upgraded to a thief headquarter.
Lvl 1 allow you to have 5 men who protecting his camp.

The thief monument will have only the first level but a bit bigger than the kingdom monument (normal lvl 1 monument) and can't allow him to build lots of building.

Thief have his type of buildings like the smith tent or the kitchen etc etc. He have a camp, not a city, he runs away from the "police". Soo can't create a city.

The Kingdom monument depend from "autority".
The thief monument will not rise autority and can be destroyed and moved away, and it have only lvl.

Of course you can be a thief without create a camp, but this is another thing.
The thief rank can be setted from the characters option menu ("P" ingame) like a title and nobody know who the thief his because this title is not visible.

You think is a good idea?
Of course the alignment will decay if you kill people and thiefs are not protected from this or the game will be a pvp all kill all.

this ideas must be discussed but these guard post can protect claims when players are offline and populate kingdoms claims (patrol setting)
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    Saturday, November 21 2015, 10:02 PM - #Permalink
    This is supposed to be an MMO and I don't see the reason why NPCs should do the dirty work of protecting you instead of you yourself. Take that part out and then we could maybe talk about the thieves.
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    Sunday, November 22 2015, 10:51 PM - #Permalink
    Hi, thanks Misu to bring back this idea.
    Moory, to my mind the claim system is unrealistic. It's not possible to interact with items, why ? I know, when there is nobody logged in, it would be too easy to take everything, but I think that better would be to let it possible if you are a good thief enough.

    Moreover is sad to see huge cities with so few population in the streets, some guard would help to keep the village a little bit lively while players are collecting ressources or logged out.

    "the dirty work" ... that's the good word. I think in LIF we pass most of the time doing dirty works, that's a different topic but I'd like to say it. Protecting yourself is not a dirty work, but hanging in your camp to be sure that no enemy is coming, or pass 3 hours cutting some grass to find some plants or chopping wood, this is boring. At least in minecraft things are instantaneous (or fat at least) and whe you have an idea just do it. In LIF, if you want an armor, just let your character smelting and go to take a lunch thinking about whitch useless items you still have to craft before unlocking armorsmith and finally create something that is too complicated for your guy to just put on him and someone should hit you for this :( ...
    To my mind the game should be at least 3 times faster that what is it, and the boring things should be done once on the beginning to raise yourself and after you can recruit some NPC to do it. Nobody likes boring works.

    But I know that is a dream, to develop a good AI is an important budget and is better nothing than a bad AI (even animals should have a better behaviour in LIF) Moreover some moving guards can add some lag probably. Maybe in the MMO there will be more people in a town and always logged people enough to look around, but that's still boring.
    Btw an upgradable guard monument could be nice but when I see how huge work have already done this small studio bot how mutch things they still need to do to let things working well ... I thing I was too much optimistic to think about AI. For realism they can change this strange sword to a normal authority building like a guard's headquarter, even without guards. But for now there are surely more easy changes to make LIF more interesting with more possibilities, some ideas : pickpocketing, finding legendary items and places, crafting unique items, spreading new religions ...

    Cheers !
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