Development News #133 — Stressed Out!

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Development News #133 — Stressed Out!

Post by Arrakis » 07 Dec 2018, 18:13


Hey, Feudalists!

This week we released yet another patch full of fixes and tweaks. We’ve improved the way player history is now saved, which also means that /stuck command or relogging can no longer be used to spawn on the top of the buildings or walls. In reply to multiple requests, we tweaked the decorative objects so that they cannot be dismantled within 30 minutes after its creation for recovering the Decoration Kits. Along with that, we’ve implemented more fixes and tweaks - you can find the full information in the patch notes.

Also, next week we are planning to have another stress-test event on Avalon in order to check how the latest optimizations are performing, as well as to gather important server performance metrics to measure our progress and better allow us to focus in key areas that need attention.
We’ve taken all your feedback from the last events into consideration and tweaked the organization process as well as the mechanics itself for this event. This time we will also be offering benefits for the participants, including GF, Death Insurance, etc. This time the event will be held in treasure hunt battlefield challenge format. This means that there will be plenty of loot scattered over the big arena, as well as fortifications and shooting points to fight from. If you want to take part in the test, please, register here and join our stress test. We are hosting a dedicated discord for more detailed info, FAQ and prompt support during the event.

In the past couple of days, we’ve started receiving a lot of feedback about the new mods and aimbot usage. We would like to state that we are investigating the issue with 3d party programs that provide an unfair advantage. We do not encourage such activity and are pro fair play.

We are really close to rolling out the command console closing fix that should remove the opportunity of using all known and most of the future possible 3rd party software.

We're also investigating the statistics of the recent Instanced Battles on Avalon, but so far we do not see any deviations in damage statistics. There don't seem to be any overpowered archers among the participants.

In the meantime, if you come across a player you believe is using such software, we strongly recommend that you contact support or dev team representatives with proof of this activity.

In other Avalon-related news - we would like to remind you that there is an active poll regarding IB prime time duration and schedule. Don’t forget to vote for the preferable option either in-game or via your dashboard on

Have a great weekend!
— The team

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