Decorations and some fixes (0.9.4193)

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Decorations and some fixes (0.9.4193)

Post by Arrakis » 06 Sep 2016, 14:46

Life is Feudal: Forest village

Hey fellow villagers!

Over the weekend, we managed to significantly reduce the number of crashes that some of our users suffered from. This process is a pretty constant and lengthy process, but eventually we will iron them out sooner or later. Thank you for keeping faith in us!
In the meantime, we’ve checked out some gameplay suggestions that you’ve provided here - and some other good news is that we’ve partially implemented one of the most highly demanded suggestions! You can now add some purely cosmetic objects to make your village a cozier place in the world.

Patch notes (ver. 0.9.4193):

New features and tweaks:
  • Added a couple of decorative objects to build in village. Expect to see more of them in the following patches
  • You can see villager’s inventory now in their details window
  • Predators have a shorter range of sight now and are less likely to raid your pastures/coops
  • Hunters do not chase their prey beyond hunter’s lodge range now
  • Construction materials searching range has increased for villagers. You can now build new buildings further from a warehouse
  • Bad season icon above Gatherer's hut now appears during low temperature, rather than during winter season

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed a couple of crashes that occurred on some hardware
  • Game should properly choose the most effective GPU, if your PC has more than one (typical in notebooks, for example)
  • Fixed this issue causing some crafting buildings to stop working when you change the crafting recipe
  • Fixed bug where the camera occasionally starts to move on its own
  • Fixed camera scrolling speed to be different on different PC specs
  • Some minor optimization and bugfixes

You may also be excited to hear that our development Roadmap should be published later this week for you to check out what we’re up to!

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