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Dev Blog Incoming

Post by Arrakis » 01 Jul 2016, 16:48

Hey everyone,

We’ve heard you, and so we’re going to be starting a weekly development update to ensure you are all in the loop!

Firstly, you might have already seen posts about ‘Life is Feudal: Forest Village’ - in summary, this game has been developed by a fellow Indie Studio, Mindillusion and published by us under the ‘LiF’ name. It’s recently made it through Greenlight on Steam so you should definitely check it out! ... =709170194

In MMO news, we’re diving full force into the development of the MMO guild system (check out the wiki ( for more info on how it’ll work), with standings and official wars, battles and sieges.

The highly anticipated native NPCs are also in development - we’re really looking forward to sharing more with you as we progress with that!


And for our amazing wave #0 testers, right now you can roam free and play as you see fit until we have any specific areas we need you guys to test for us. Basically we’ve got a huge amount of feedback and test data for now and we’re making necessary changes according to that feedback

Thank you for being awesome - look out for our dev blog for more information!

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Post by IsoAcontece » 13 Jul 2016, 22:16

When will the wave#1 starts? How can me and two friends been testers? Sorry my bad English. Thx.

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Re: Dev Blog Incoming

Post by Duffman118 » 14 Jul 2016, 16:54

I too am interested in participating in Wave #1 and would like to know more about becoming eligible as per your STEAM NEWS POST - "Who is eligible: All our original backers/testers + some new ones (more info about eligibility will be provided later)"


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