Development News #124 — PVP AMA and Oktoberfest Kicks Off

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Development News #124 — PVP AMA and Oktoberfest Kicks Off

Post by Arrakis » 05 Oct 2018, 17:04


Hey, Feudalists!

Yesterday we had an exclusive PvP oriented AMA session - this time not only with Bobik but with Arthur ‘Binart’ - LiF Lead Game Designer. PvP leaders, guild leaders, and military commanders from all corners of Abella took part in the discussion. Many questions about the balance and future plans were answered, and the participants have also submitted a lot of interesting suggestions and ideas. For those of you who didn’t make it, you can listen to the stream recording here.
We are very grateful to all the participants as well as to those who came to listen to the stream. For those of you who are not a hardcore PvPers - are also planning to organize another AMA dedicated to smaller and non pvp groups in the near future, to make sure everyone is heard. Stay tuned!

We continue our pace of releasing patches and this week’s patch contains improvements such as polishing and tuning the current build and cramming as many bug fixes into the update as possible. You can read the details about the update here.

It’s Friday, and this also means that our Oktoberfest celebrations are in full swing. You still have time to take part in the competition and have a chance to win great prizes for you or your feudal friends. Tomorrow we are inviting you to the first ever Oktoberfest Horse Racing Event. Make sure to come by and check things out.
Right after that we are inviting you to join the Grand Oktoberfest festival that will also be taking place this Saturday, October 6th at 20:00 GMT on Epleland Server 25. Grab a few pints of ale and participate in many challenges in the central city, including an auction, a market to buy and sell your wares to other players, and much more. Of course, there will be plenty of drink to be had as well!

Have a great weekend!

— The team

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