Development News #131 - Black Friday

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Development News #131 - Black Friday

Post by Arrakis » 23 Nov 2018, 18:16


Hey, Feudalists!

Yes, you know what day it is. And yes, we’re no exception. So let’s kick this week’s devblog with some info on our Black Friday deals on Steam so that none of you are missing out:

All Life is Feudal:MMO packs are 50% off this Friday - (both on Steam and on

Perfect timing to try Life is Feudal: Your Own, since it’s also on sale with 60% off! And there’s more - all LiF:YO skins also have 60% discount

Plus if you’re eager to get your hands on (or give as a gift) the whole LiF franchise pack, including LiF:MMO, LiF:YO, and LiF: Forest Village, there is a great deal if you buy in bulk - with 76% off

There are also various things on sale in MMO Premium Shop, including brand new Hatchet skins with 15% off!

Now on to other news. We’ve had a really productive week: firstly, we are happy to announce that we have transferred all the game worlds including the Newbie Islands to the *nix based server OS. As we mentioned before, this OS should improve server-side calculations and overall network performance. We have already received a bunch of brilliant feedback from you, and we’re continuing to monitor how the game performs on the new operation system.

Which brings us to the next highlight of the week. In order to test how servers would take a massive battle on the new OS, our team has decided to have another stress test this week.

We would like to thank all those who showed up and participated in the event. And we would also like to apologize for some organizational flaws, we have taken all the feedback into consideration, so hopefully we will not disappoint you next time. We are happy to tell you that the test turned out to be really successful. Our development team was monitoring it all closely, and we have gathered all the vital information that will be a great help in applying upcoming optimizations, so thank you all once again for taking part in this.

During the first event when 130 people showed up and the ping was 500+, and it was therefore, really laggy overall. During the second event (the one that happened after we moved Avalon to nix OS) we’ve had even more participants than the planned 230 of you who showed up! The ping was 150, which indicated that the server was handling it okay. However, we are aware you’ve been experiencing lag which turned out to be network lag - and now we are looking into it so that we can implement optimizations that would address this, and allow 200 player PvP to be played smoothly.

And last but not least - this week we’ve also released a weekly patch in which we’ve finally located and fixed the problem that has been causing some of our players to get stuck and slide infinitely on the top floors of the Keep, and also some other small fixes and tweaks. You can check the full patch notes here.

Have a great weekend!

— The team

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Re: Development News #131 - Black Friday

Post by Nate884 » 24 Nov 2018, 01:02

Thank you for the updates as always!

One small request, I believe it has been mentioned at different times by others as well: Is there any way to allow us loyal supporters to buy the supporter packs more than once or to create something similar that we can continue to buy?

I already have all your games and all the supporter packs, and I love the concept of getting some sub time, a random skin and some GF in one convenient and nicely priced pack, but since I already have them I can no longer benefit from it or give you my money, haha.

If I could continue to buy them on steam, I would buy your whole giant combo pack again just to get the DLC packs. :beer:

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