Development News #176 — Brace yourselves - Market fixes are coming!

What are we currently working on.
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Development News #176 — Brace yourselves - Market fixes are coming!

Post by Arrakis » 11 Oct 2019, 17:08


Hello, Feudalists!
We know very well that you are waiting for the next update and we can assure you that it’s almost here! As such, we can happily share that we are currently concentrating our efforts on reworking the market interface and fixing the transaction errors. We know how important global trade is, so our ultimate goal here, which we hope to reach soon, is to make the market more friendly, and stable of course. Next updates will be dedicated to making buying and selling goods more comfortable and free of current obstacles. Also, another important game mechanics that we are preparing are some tweaks and fixes for our combat system based on the feedback we received from you folks.
Aside from the game development itself, we are brainstorming on the next events that will entertain you and maybe inspire you to prepare something of your own. You should remember that we will be more than happy to support your endeavors if you have some awesome ideas for your own event. Make sure to contact us via discord if you want to or are already working on some interesting project.
Oh, and Halloween time is almost upon us, beware the crimson skies, blood moon and glowing eyes in the darkness.

Time for a community spot!
We obviously cannot miss this part where we highlight some of your interesting creations, be it a video, screenshot, a story or something else. This time we want to show off a couple of really nice looking screenshots made by Le Profyteur.
Make sure to send our way your best art so it could have a chance to find its place in our dev blogs along with your name!


Have a fantastic weekend!

— The Team

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Re: Development News #176 — Brace yourselves - Market fixes are coming!

Post by Corsange » 21 Oct 2019, 17:19

Hello. do you think the developers could add another exchange counter, maybe two, in the secure green zones? At another end of the zone for example because many players are aggrieved.

Thanks ;)

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