Development News #183 — Holidays time!

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Development News #183 — Holidays time!

Post by Arrakis » 20 Dec 2019, 19:01


Hello, Feudalists!
In case you’ve missed our latest patch notes, check them out here. And in today’s dev blog, we will explain the changes a bit more.
After two weeks of observation and communication, we’ve brought back the previously disabled /stuck command. We were able to analyze the most common cases where it was actually required to improve how it works. Hopefully, now it can only be your helper in a situation where your character cannot move — and nothing more.
A second major change is, of course, the cooldown for monument construction after it was destroyed. Some of you were asking, which is why we’re, hopefully, making it clear: the cooldown is applied in any case of monument loss. That includes the monument’s lack of support points. For those of you, who want to keep their monuments alive, we’ve implemented the automated messages earlier, that should notify you whenever your monument is getting close to insufficient points. The cooldown also means that any guild is forbidden from placing a monument on that fief for the duration. However, anyone can place an outpost there.
In case any of you don’t know the reason behind this change, it has been requested many times by the active PvP community because a quick monument reconstruction allowed to avoid the Judgement Hour. We’re hoping that with this change we’re getting one step forward on the “fair play” stair.
As the Holidays are nearly there, we want you to enjoy your time with your close ones in peace, without worrying about wars in the game. This is why Judgement Hour will be disabled from December 24th until January 9th.

Now for the community spot!
This week we want to share the view from the territory of constantly growing kingdom ‘Seigneurie D Amance’. The design of their settlements, where you can find a multitude of attractions, such as arenas, is quite inspiring. You can see what we mean in this gallery.

We wish you a great weekend and Merry Christmas!

— The Team

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Re: Development News #183 — Holidays time!

Post by Helstur72 » 20 Dec 2019, 19:23

That's lovely. And what about some loveage for Life is Feudal: Your Own?

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