Development News #187 — Fair Play Update… and more!

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Development News #187 — Fair Play Update… and more!

Post by Arrakis » 13 Mar 2020, 18:06


Hello, Feudalists!

Unfortunately, today we have to start on a sad note again.

Stay strong
One of the Spanish players, MandaTTo#7042, in his difficult moments, shared a beautiful, touching poem with us, being a farewell to his son that has passed away.

    Vivan, no tienten al fuego...
    Vivan, no mueran en el juego...
    Ciegos podran seguir viviendo,
    Ustedes tendran su propio cielo...

    Alzen sus copas a su debido tiempo
    No mezclen tragos al viento
    En esos dias de dolor...
    Podran seguir naciendo.

    No caduquen el conocimiento,
    Pregunten, a sus mentores,
    Demostraran vivas luchas
    Y podran seguir viviendo...

    Sangren en el mismo pasto
    La nueva tierra es suya
    Resurgan ideas nuevas
    Coronen a sus ancestros.

      Batallas, se ganan con honor
      En tantos gritos de dolor
      Quien gobernara sus almas
      o seran vasallos de por vida?

      Luchen hijos mios,
      Son la resistencia
      La rebelion causaran
      Sus almas no moriran...
      No moriran jamas.

May the energy and support of your friends and family keep you strong.

Game development
Our main priority remains on delivering a better experience in our game to you. We’re looking into issues and difficulties related to the Judgement Hour/Holy Judgement system. Our latest world rules update is only a part of a bigger picture. We would love to see your feedback about the current situation to make sure we won’t miss something that is causing problems. Feel free to reach out to us on the official Discord server or on our forum.
For now, we cannot share any details about future game mechanics tweaks and improvements, but, as always, the feedback is crucial here as well. After all, we’ve made many changes based on your suggestions. Please, do not hesitate to share with us your thoughts and ideas on what we should improve and how.

Fighting cheaters
Now, we need to go back to our least favorite topic once again — cheating. We are very disappointed and a bit sad that the concept of fair play still eludes some of the players, who despite our strong messages still try to resort to cheating in our game with the use of illegal software. Up until now the punishment for using it was a 3-month account suspension. It seems the prospect of a temporary ban is not enough to prevent some players from trying, which is why from this point onward, account suspension for this violation will be permanent.
Note: This concerns only the modifications that have any form of gameplay influence in any way providing an advantage over other players. You are still allowed to use minor modifications for subtle in-game art changes.

Event incoming
We want to briefly mention that Edward Teach#1475 is planning to host another tournament at the Coliseum! The details about the time, competitions and rewards will be provided a bit later. Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend, and stay healthy everyone!

— The Team

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