Development News #189 — Spring Update

What are we currently working on.
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Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Arrakis » 10 Apr 2020, 18:00


Hello, Feudalists!

Last week we announced an upcoming update. Even though it was on an April Fools day, there was a grain of truth in it. We do, indeed, have some big news we want to share with you.
First, an AMA with Bobik will be hosted this Sunday, April 12th, at 16:00 UTC. You can leave your questions in advance in our #ama_questions chat on the official Life is Feudal AMA server. The session will be hosted with the help of one of our players, a known member of our community mod team, Eele#9413, and we sincerely thank her for all the help.
Second, an update is coming next week. This update will include several big changes, one of which will be a Godenland wipe. We want to provide you, in advance, with as much information about it as possible, so here are the rules that will be followed during the procedure:

    What will be wiped:
  • All in-game player-built objects will be destroyed
  • All inventory and equipped items will be removed
  • All terraforming changes will be reverted to the original state
    What will be kept:
  • Skills and other parameters of your characters will remain untouched
  • Guilds will be kept, however, with certain limitations
  • Premium inventory will be kept
    What will be refunded:
  • All Decorator’s Kits that were spent from the beginning of Godenland will be refunded
  • All God’s Coins spent this year will be refunded
Update: We've received a lot of negative feedback and would like to have a broader picture compared to the one we've gathered so far. We're launching a vote that will help us decide whether there is a place for wipe or not at the current state. The votes cast in until Thursday will be taken into consideration.

The World rules will also be updated with a new PvP ruleset. Based on the fact that we’ve received many questions about them, we’re hoping that it will bring a more enjoyable experience to all of you.
Other notable, and certainly expected, changes that you will see in the upcoming update are:

  • Combat update
  • Skill cap increase
  • Instanced Battles update
  • Provinces and taxes update
    … and more.
Full list of changes will be available next week. Stay tuned!

Have a great weekend!

— The Team

Edit: Updated with the mention of poll on world wipe

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Polarstern » 10 Apr 2020, 18:10

Dead game

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Fish_Stix » 10 Apr 2020, 18:11

Yes, I can finally cancel my subscription! I was only paying it to keep up the private claim i worked so hard on. Sure as hell not going to do all that work again...

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Le_Profyteur » 10 Apr 2020, 18:33

You give no sign of life for 6 months, no patches, no communications on current and future development, nothing. And there, you announce a server wipe overnight for a combat patch.

Did you polish the game thoroughly I hope? fix bugs in stamina, horses, lights, server passages, lags compensator,hitbox , ext ext ... .

We can expect a few additions or just a few rule changes, a Lif is feudal Rust-like can be?

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by CEO86 » 10 Apr 2020, 18:38

I am certainly not happy with this WIPE and unlike other guilds we will lose little, but I can understand that on a technical level in the management of the servers there are probably problems ...
I started playing MMO from January after a long break on YO where I played from the beta.
Some problems have always existed since then and I imagine that they are not easily solved.
The only thing I can recommend to the staff if they want to bring this game back to life is to "lighten" it because compared to other competing games it is heavy in terms of playability or too many resources are required to build buildings and structures.
Even if it is a FREE TO PLAY, the players end up getting tired and abandoning the game!

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Kalle15er » 10 Apr 2020, 19:19

you mean that real? the game have sooooo much bugs (lights, horse riding, minimap, lagging and sooo manny more) and that what you present is a godelandwipe? realy? :fool:

i think now we loos a lot of players. then the most dont want make the work of month or years not again........its realy hard work to dig a river in the landscape.
i think you drink to much :beer: .....or you will only destroy the comunity

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Raernian » 10 Apr 2020, 19:39

YES THIS IS AWESOME. I was just planning on completely rebuilding my guild and me and a guildie were talking about how cool annual-ish wipes would be to keep the game fresh since there's less work to do once everything is all set up. I'm looking forward to being there starting from scratch again, I'm excited :D

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Feudal.life123 » 10 Apr 2020, 20:22

YES! I was thinking the same ting!

Shovel dirts
Haul logs
Build walls

I mean, I don't know why not anyone has made game like this before. Game of the year materials!

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Cbarr11 » 10 Apr 2020, 21:45

idk, mabe this is good, i havent played in a while so i might come back with this fresh start

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Synius » 10 Apr 2020, 22:45

wipe will just make all those those built to quit
havent even made it to 100q horses 1 yr 2 months

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by AussiePastor » 10 Apr 2020, 23:45

Can you guys just wipe "DEAD" Sectors on each SERVER MAP.
eg; SERVER 25 is in broken up in 9 sectors?
A Guild may be in the bottom left corner of that "server".
That may have only 3 and/or 1 SECTOR that the Guild has an OUTPOST + MAIN FIEF on it.
The rest of the sectors then can be "RESET".

This would solve 2 problems and keep MORALE HIGH.

Plus would help, those that are still "DEDICATED" to keep testing the PvP component.
Aussie Pastor
Real Life Pastor that's a gamer.

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Madden_55 » 11 Apr 2020, 05:13

if that´s the solution of many Bug i absolutely want that Wipe! I have no fear of building anything new... its not my first Wipe... Back in Epleland Times we did Build a full t4 Claim in Castle Walls... Here on Godenland we build Townclaim + 9 Outposts, a big Arena, we had Q100 T4 Armour, Q100 Weapons and Tools. On the PvE Side we have everything the Game has to offer... Now i can sit on all my Stuff and say look i have everything, or i can look at new challenges, new work, an other place to settle. And thats all with less Lag or Bugs maybe... So dont listen to that stupid people crying about their stuff in greenzone and Wipe that world!

i dont like to point on one fact but... LIF:MMO is still on EA and ALL of you Guys and Girls and anything between know that since day one. And everyone of you know that in a EA Game can come Server wipes.

Oh and to those People who crying like: Now i can delete the Game, quit my subscription... No you will not. The Point that you still playing the Game at this time shows that you search for an Game with similar mechanics like LIF. But you also know that there is NO Game like this out there... So even when you Quit for a short time... you will come back... And you will get Premium Membership again. Deal with it.

Get you Ass up build new stuff and stop crying. Life is Feudal, like the Game says.

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Killerangel » 11 Apr 2020, 05:45

A wipe would only be okay under certain conditions.

The stuff I have on my character and in his inventory will stay.

Or give every account (no in game Character) one Horse cart (3000 Space) to settle in the new land. This horse cart appears in game and you can put your important stuff in there. This would be at least let me play on.
I do not want to get my crops to high quality nor my animals. What about grape - I think no one has high quality.
This option would it make faster to settle down and having fun of creating a new village.

You are writing about updates. Could you specify them?

Many people will show you their backs if nothing fantastic will come after the wipe. I think you have no roadmap of your game. Where do you want to go, what will pleasure and give fun to the players. Why should people like me paying for this?

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Madden_55 » 11 Apr 2020, 06:26

Killerangel wrote:The stuff I have on my character and in his inventory will stay.

Or give every account (no in game Character) one Horse cart (3000 Space) to settle in the new land. This horse cart appears in game and you can put your important stuff in there.

That cart thing is a funny idea... but impossible to do.

See it as a new Challenge. A clean world is waiting for you. You keep you skillpoints. So Sprouts, money and tools are no big deal to make new ones. At Animals i agree. thats a bit sad. but hey maybe they increase the posibility to taim high quality animals...

Killerangel wrote:Why should people like me paying for this?

Because of lack of competition. There is no Game like LiF out there.

For exsample:

- Cronicles of Elyria is dead
- New World will be a PvE Game with an Housing System that is now over 10 Years old.
- Last Oasis is not about building Huge Castles and defend or siege them
- Atlas... dont even think about it.

So if you wanne play a Game like LiF you have to play LiF. thats a fact. Sad but true.

But... if you can handle your XP pool you dont need to pay for it... You can fight and die without any loses in skill progress.

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Dragonbooster » 11 Apr 2020, 08:34

restart or not .. both is ok.

what is: "Premium inventory will be kept ?"

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Regharironhill » 11 Apr 2020, 08:49

Sounds like a reboot to me, right now a new guild can't thrive, there are too many big and old guilds supporting players like bandits, making it impossible for a new guild to grow in peace and thrive, stagnant fronts. New players feel harassed and without options. If someone leaves the game for a reboot, they really don't like it.

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Mat110 » 11 Apr 2020, 10:08

When will this be officially announced?

I don't play MMO long, so for me, the wipe is no problem. But I would like to know when can we expect that?

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Msggm73 » 11 Apr 2020, 14:36


I got that the wipe is going to happen; those of us who have dedicated the time and the loyalty to the game should be fairly compensated. Base it off of game time (that you all undoubtable track) and perhaps the reward could be something one tier being not needing regional resources to build certain things. ...for example.
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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Pirates59 » 11 Apr 2020, 20:10


See ya soon.

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Lapantino » 11 Apr 2020, 20:58

A wipe will be good as long as there are many improvements to the game associated with the wipe

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Smertios » 12 Apr 2020, 10:56

Many people test the MMO and then return to private servers. They say they quit MMO because it does not offer the freedom of a private server. Many people want to have access to the full skill cap and be able to build a guild monument with one or two friends from the start and then invite other players. There are also many lone wolves, they want to build their own castles and participate in economic life, something impossible with private monuments. Maximum skills and guild monument with one or two players do not detract from the sharing of tasks or the interaction necessary to build and defend his castle.
I am not saying that it is the solution to increase the population and the pleasure of playing, but that will certainly contribute to it.
Sincerly yours.

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Vlandddd » 12 Apr 2020, 21:43

For the future of this game. The devs should pay a greater attention to new players. Which is not my case.
They are the future of LiF. If it’s not enjoyable at the beginning of their journey, the rate of people dropping the game is always going to be high. With that being said, here are a few changes that could reverse this rate and untangle the potential of LiF.

- Increase loading speed on every single task performed by a player (e.g cutting boards, sowing, mining, collecting, carrying logs on your back ...). Doing this, lowering the quantity of inputs for a certain construction won’t be much necessary. Although, I would still consider revising the input’s quantities for all constructions and furnitures.

- Being solo or with a small group shouldn’t be a such disadvantage in LiF. Those should be able to seek protection in the woods, caves, and other places. Not everyone wants to be in a guild with 10 or more players and nor should be forced towards that. They should be able to claim a piece of land anywhere with a small group and maintain it accordingly. Doing that, their guild shouldn’t be displayed on the minimap. There is so much gameplay that can be created for this target group (e.g ambush, theft, smuggling...). Also, lots of new items and construction could be developed for them (e.g tree house, underground structures, cave structures, hidden structures). And if they don’t want to be criminals, they should be able seek protection under someone’s territory (e.g country, kingdom) who may be offering a piece of land. This feature is actual possible right now. However there are no incentives by doing, nor a easy friendly interface that links those who are offering and those who are seeking a protected piece of land. As new players and small groups learn and enjoy the game, they will grow into bigger guilds or join them.

- Get rid of the minimap. Let’s be honest, the existing minimap is terrible. Life is feudal, and there shouldn’t be a GPS in the first place. This is a great opportunity to create new gameplay. Perhaps adding maps into the game and/or a new skill for it. Not having a minimap would protect small groups. Perhaps once you find a gold mine, you should have to map the location so you can remember how to get there. You should map where are the nearby guilds, resources... Valuable maps should be something that you want to hold on or sell for a higher price. People should learn the land around them and get familiar with it.

- Alignment is such a hold back in this game. I know you want to encourage players to be nice and discourage griefing, but life is feudal and everyone should be treated equal. If a player decide to be a criminal because he doesn’t have a big group, he shouldn’t be penalize so much. The fact that you lose skills points when you die it’s too much. You are already losing your loot; no needed to penalize yours skills. If a criminal dies, it should be like any other player. Perhaps you could use the alignment for a higher chance of keeping your loot when you die or crafting a better quality item. On the other hand a negative alignment would give you a buffer on criminal stuff..

- Criminal gameplay could be increased. Perhaps if a player or a group is causing trouble to nearby guilds, they should be placed in a wanted list. Guilds or kings, should be able to put a reward on people’s head when they are acting too criminal. This will create a new set of gameplay. Perhaps once you captured a criminal you should be able to drag them to the guild who was offering the prize. If they die, you should be able to bring their heads instead as a proof. In this gameplay, a another brand new set of items can be created (e.g cages, handcuffs, rope, beheading devices..)

- Another important part of the medieval ages is the transportation of wealth. Guilds should have to carry their wealth in order to sacrifice for supporting points. This will create awesome gameplay for all players. Including criminals waiting in the woods to ambush a convoy heading to sell their coins. Also, kingdoms should go pick up their taxes from their vassals instead of an automatic system.

- With that being said, instead of protectores areas, there should be a NPC area (like a castle) where player have to bring their wealth to be able to sell it to the crown. These areas, should be placed around the map so you don’t need to travel insane distances. Trading post should be changed in this case. I don’t think you should be able to sell to the crown without even leaving your lands. On the other hand, solo players can use this areas to buy provision, seek some sort of help from NPCs, or wait for their next victim outside the castle’s walls. These areas should be a great place for guilds to post recruitment ads, wanted players, or even a meeting with other guilds to discuss diplomacy. How about a tavern that folks can meet and socialize?

- Adding different races for horses, deers, cows... each animal race with a distinguished characteristic. This is a technically easy feature to be added that could enhance player’s experience (e.g white cow, Arabian horses, red dear, mule dear....)

- Adding pasture for animals. This is a must! It’s pretty lame not able to see your animals acting like animals. Cows should be able to stay outside, pigs should be able to stay within a certain area, chickens should be wondering around your base or kept in a coop. All those things should be either good or bad for your animals. Huge potential for enhancing the animal gameplay.

- Adding back archers on horses. But also adding some limitations to prevent exploitation (e.g difficult to aim, in order to reload the horse must be stopped, higher skills to be able to use, not able to shot while moving...)

- Adding huge dense wood areas so players can live and hide in the woods. During the medieval ages, the majority of Europe was covered by trees. This was an abundant resource and so should be in the game. Players should be scared to go into the woods unless they know the area very well.

- Since we talked about having large forest areas. I believe trees should reflowering naturally in those wood areas. Perhaps, these trees should grown faster to maintain forest cover.

- Caves should be part of the game as well. Not only to mining, but also to establish a base or a home. This goes hand to hand with enhancing solo or small groups gameplay.

-Enhance animal AI in the game. This is something that LiF lacks so much. It would be cool to see a pack of wolfs acting like a pack of Wolf. The sound associated with these animals should be used to alert players of their proximity. As opposed to ambient sounds that don’t mean anything. A bear should be acting like a bear, in the sense of if you see one, most likely he already saw or smelled you. Perhaps hunting a dear should be an excited experience and difficult as well. Deers should outrun horses and players. Animals should be harder to find, unless you look in the right area (e.g river bank...) There are so much to be improved in this sense.

- Adding rivers, pounds and more lakes into the map. The fact there is not a single river in the map, it’s insane. Bodies of water are essential for the creation of communities. It’s well known that any major civilization in the past was established near a body of water.

- Adding more roles for big guilds (e.g tax collector, executioner...)

- Buildings and items should not decay as fast as it is in the game. This should be revised to make the game less grindy and more playable. I have people that created a forge, in the same day, the forge was broken. It shouldn’t be like that. The durability of items shouldn’t decrease this fast. Honestly, this is such a bummer in the game.

- Private claims shouldn’t exist as it is right now. You should be able to claim a land anywhere. The fact that you can only claim a land on protectores areas it is ridiculous. It’s like a PvE gameplay within a PvP world. It’s does not make sense! If you don’t want to risk losing everything you should play a private server. This is LiF. And if you want to build your own little home, you should be able to seek a piece of land on a guild’s territory. If they are charging too much tax for protection, you should be able to move to another territory that charges less tax. This goes back to what I mentioned before about an easy and friendly interface to link those seeking for a safe piece of land, and those who are offering it. Doing that it would create a small villages outside a guild’s castle walls. Exactly as it was during the medieval times.
But if you don’t want to be paying taxes for a guild so you can be protected, you may choose to go live hidden somewhere.

- As part of convoy and transportation gameplay, the devs should add clothes to horses and wagons. Perhaps adding new wagons that could carry 2-3 players. Or wagons that can carry a prisoner. It would be really awesome to see you guild colors displayed on your convoys, horses...

- A NA & South America server needed back again.

Bottom line is, they game should be easy to play and hard to master.

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Re: Development News #189 — Spring Update

Post by Natanrocha » 14 Apr 2020, 18:44

CONCORDO COM MUITAS COISAS QUE FOI DITA POR por Vlandddd mais o que realmente precisamos é de uma mudança mais que favoreça as pessoas que são assinantes ja que ela se propos a serem assinantes do lif . Que tenham o direito de escolha pvp ou PVE. que possam ter um feudo e paguem somente a coroa impostos baixo e faceis de se conseguir se nao continuaremos um jogo de apenas 173 pessoas gogo confiamos na desenvolvedora que farar o melhor para o life feudal mmo

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