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Back to the main menu … at last (

Post by Arrakis » 14 Oct 2015, 15:24

Current patch contains the long awaited “Disconnect” functionality, which allows you to disconnect from your current server and then connect to another with no need to restart the game. That is along with numerous other bug fixes and some gameplay tweaks.

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:
  • Implemented “disconnect” button, that allows you to disconnect from a certain server in order to connect to another
  • Resources that grow on trees (branches, apples, bark etc.) are now properly replenished every game day
  • Quality growth while breeding animals is reduced
Bug fixes:
  • Significantly reduced visual movement lag of other players and animals
  • Fixed local server start sequence with specified password or custom port.
  • Added some additional logging to local server start process in order to fix issues that prevent some players to start a local world properly
  • Guild members’ personal claims can now be overridden by a Guild Leader, if claimed objects are on the claimed land
  • Cocktails and preparations can now be properly traded via barter dialogue without losing their effects
  • Fixed cow/bull ratio while breeding them in stables
  • Fixed blessings to work properly now
  • Using a lance in combat will raise the Lancing skill now, instead of Mounted Fighting Mastery
  • Equip maintain ability now works on throwing weapons
  • Debug render is now allowed only for GMs
  • Volley stamina drain fixed
  • You can now fertilize soil tiles up to 100Q with 100Q Dung
  • You will now receive alert messages while trespassing on a mount
  • Kiln Bellows can now be blown by anyone
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to raise Warhorse handling without spending anything
  • Fixed bug that provided a pupil with a skill when mentor had a lower amount of that skill himself
  • Fixed orange angel wings (2 saws with orange texture equipped on the back)
  • Diagonal walls blocked tiles pattern changed (removed unnecessary blocked tile)

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