[Forest Village] First major update since release! (1.0.6285)

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[Forest Village] First major update since release! (1.0.6285)

Post by Arrakis » 27 Jul 2017, 14:10

Life is Feudal: Forest Village

Hey, villagers!

We have been hard at work on improvements and new features and as you can see we have been very busy for such a small team. We hope you enjoy these improvements to stability, the visual quality, effects and improvements to gameplay. Many good things still to come in future updates.

Patch notes (ver. 1.0.6285):

New features and tweaks:
  • Completely new grass system, much higher quality and looks great. also, grass trampling and the growing system was repaired and is working now
  • Made terraforming tool more informative and user-friendly
  • Improved and optimized water and sky rendering - improved lighting, especially at night, and bloom
  • Many-many new modding features and possibilities
  • Some new buildings that increase happiness are added
  • Implemented a new school upgrade
  • New tutorial elements
  • Game UI slightly redesigned to be more comfortable on extremely low resolutions (like 1024x768) and 4K resolution
  • Mood system is redesigned and we are balancing this system at the moment
  • You will see a proper icon over the pasture if there is sick animal on it. “Slaughter” button will slaughter diseased animal first.
  • Resources in market will be included into total town resources statistics. Tweaked marketplace trading balance
  • Students now always pick a closes school to visit
  • Rain and water are no longer gets inside the buildings
  • If you zoom close enough to a worker you will be able to see what kind of food he wants to eat
  • Modding documentation extended
Bug fixes:
  • Save-process optimizations and bugfixes
  • Game statistics fixed
  • Pathfinding and navigation system were optimized and are 15-30% faster now
  • Fixed save/load window bugs
  • Villagers on donkeys does not extinguish fires now
  • Fixed first person camera bobbing bugs
  • Many bug fixes and many less noticeable changes
— FV team

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Re: [Forest Village] First major update since release! (1.0.6285)

Post by Saar » 27 Jul 2017, 14:10

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