Mutex error, lock ups, weird icons

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Mutex error, lock ups, weird icons

Post by Kuchbananekliahinahitha » 12 Feb 2020, 15:12

Hello All!

Fairly new to the game, and thus far i was enjoying it.

Little background:
I have played ark for quite a while, aswell as alot of other MMO's over the years.
Have hosted dedicated servers for a few games, ARK being the most recent one.
Have started to host Lif:YO privately for me and a friend to play on and get familiar with the game, since last weekend (16th of dec)

Setting it up with the steamCMD commands for updating in conjunction with MariaDB was a breeze. We got into the game, started to mod the server a bit to adjust some weight and capacity here and there, since we're just 2 players in a game that is obviously not ment for so few.

For 3-4 days, we've had no issues playing the game, untill today.

I started the day simple, come home from work, login to the server and start playing. Nothing wrong.

After an hour orso, we opened our warehouse, and suddenly weird icon's appeared with object id's and items we couldn't possible create with our skills. (like a castle tower angle, heavy scale armor and system objects??).

for this i figured, the database got corrupted, so i stopped the server. Loaded the backup from this morning, and start it back up.
After this, we were unable to login. Friend of mine froze the game and i kept getting an Mutex error.

Following a forum post, i set all settings to low. After this i was able to log back in, but my friend was not. Also we're still seeing weird icons in the warehouse. Even some items that have dissapeared like a pig contract, some boards, a bit of iron etc.

So now i'm at a loss. Whats happening and how do we fix it?
How am i going to get rid of the invalid items and resolve the freeze and mutex errors?

Kind Regards..

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