[MMO] Determination and Appreciation

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[MMO] Determination and Appreciation

Post by Arrakis » 04 Sep 2017, 14:25

Life is Feudal: MMO

Hey feudalists.

During the latest Instanced Battle testing that took place yesterday, where over two hundred players enlisted, the servers did not perform as expected. Issues such as lag and crashes were quite severe and that rendered participants incapable of seeing this battle through. Naturally, we are already investigating what went wrong and are hard at work on the issues discovered. Rest assured, CBT5 will continue until we resolve these issues and Instanced Battles, among other things, perform as intended.

We want to thank everyone for their participation and patience during these critical tests. No matter what, it was a pleasure to see hundreds of players clashing on the battlefields. We have gathered the data from yesterday’s test and are working hard to take the game to the next level of performance and stability. Stay tuned for updates!

— The Team

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Re: [MMO] Determination and Appreciation

Post by Saar » 04 Sep 2017, 14:27

Traduction française disponible sur vonCulm.fr

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Re: [MMO] Determination and Appreciation

Post by Akarian » 04 Sep 2017, 14:50

Los CUERVOS siempre viven, trabajan, viajan y matan en grupo.



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Re: [MMO] Determination and Appreciation

Post by Gastenns » 04 Sep 2017, 14:55

I think I speak on behalf of all the participation that is extremely frustrating. We were glad the masons and their allies took up the call to come out and engage us in the battle. I believe on the first go around we had around 270 players taking part and more signing up until the last minute on both sides. It was good to see what the MMO will look like when it's finished with huge battles. I'm sure most expected some level of issues and hopefully the issues uncovered and experienced will help the game improve. I would like to thank all the guilds that joined us on our side for committing a random Sunday to come out and have some fun.

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Friends: TFA (Sons of Odin, DNO, XT, KOT), Askanier, Corteim, Delray and The Banners of Athel Loren.

Again I want to thank all the guilds that fought on the other side as well for trying to make this a fun experience for all.

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Re: [MMO] Determination and Appreciation

Post by Mawgan » 04 Sep 2017, 16:03

Thx all for test!
I hope we have provided some new informations for you.
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Re: [MMO] Determination and Appreciation

Post by Excel » 06 Sep 2017, 20:56

hola! estamos en medio de una batalla y nada mas usar un trebuchet,el servidor a vuelto a caer...
Llevamos dias probandolo y siempre ocurre lo mismo...
Ojala se pueda solucionar cuanto antes ;)
Esta batalla la tendremos que retrasar,
Esperamos noticias nuevas !! Gracias ;)

(Google translator )

Hello! we are in the middle of a battle and when we use trebuchet, the server to fall again ...
  We've been trying it for days, and the same thing always happens ...
  I hope it can be solved as soon as possible;)
  This battle we will have to delay,
  We look forward to new news !! Thank you ;)

------------SANGRE ERRANTE------------



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Re: [MMO] Determination and Appreciation

Post by Elindor » 09 Sep 2017, 03:47

Bobik and co,

I had a thought.

So in one of your latest announcements (Aug 18) you guys said basically "hey CBT 5 will be up for 2-3 weeks and then servers will be down for a couple days and then we'll wipe and early access will start!" and honestly I was surprised because I was thinking it was going to be much farther off.

In light of the instanced battles not going as well as you might have hoped you may be wondering if you can still meet that timeline you made about the start of EA or if you'll need to extend CBT 5, which I am sure after making such a specific timeline for the start of EA that you are hesitant to do.

My thought is this:

If the only major thing that isn't where you want it to be for EA is the instanced battles....you COULD launch the EA on schedule and just say "Instanced Battles are temporarily deactivated and they will be reactivated as soon as we feel comfortable with their performance"...because there is a lot of gameplay that people can partake in while that feature is on hold. That couldn't be deactivated for months or anything, but definitely a couple weeks, a month, month and a half even....

Anyhow just a thought.

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Re: [MMO] Determination and Appreciation

Post by Sharana » 09 Sep 2017, 05:05

And who will test them if they finally work? Now during CBT there are geared guys ready to do it. There are no consequences, so such stress test are easy to make.

Other then the IBs there are quite a lot of changes coming that are still in the pipeline. On top of my head:
- horse drawn carts
- the new castle walls
- instanced sieges (will be lagfest in the open world"
- houses and keeps rework (changed amount of binding spots + changed to require regional resources for building them + fixed bug where you spawn in keep if you die instead in a house + placing keeps on top of monuments)
- another weapons pass (2h get some love, archers both buffed and maybe a little bit nerfed, rebalanced unpopular 1h weapons etc)
- new physics that allow more players in the "open world" before it starts to lag. Because last sunday when 100 players came to 37 to sign up the server just died. Then after reboot it transformed into turn based strategy (up to 800 ping) and with 160 or so players in our claim it killed the dispatcher and all servers went down. Do you think it's acceptable state to be shown to the mass public?
- NA server not online and tested yet which we know will happen before Steam EA
- reevaluating personal claims concept
- reevaluating regions (maybe adding desert region to create demand for someone to settle up there). Along with that implementing the regions in almost anything - houses, workshops, keeps, feeding animals etc in order to promote trade and travels (to get/steal the regional stuff instead of buying it from others)
- blocking client side scripts and disabling the console
- lots of minor and probably not so minor stuff that they didn't tell about yet

If I think about it more then I will probably remember some other stuff, but you get the point. They still have to finish quite some stuff before the "no more wipes" line is crossed. Other then that - please don't take that as insult as it's definitely not, but this "If IBs are not working as intended just go on and enable them later" sounds too RP/PvE and that alone is not LiF. When the last stress test on IBs failed someone said - well at least it's the IBs only it seems, the rest looks fine, so shouldn't take that long. I will quote you what 1 alpha tester said to that: "Well m8, shoveling the ground and building walls was working perfectly fine during the alpha tests back in 2014. If that's the only thing you can do now - 3 and half years later, why do you think it's ready to move forward and call it de facto OBT?"

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Re: [MMO] Determination and Appreciation

Post by Elindor » 09 Sep 2017, 14:43

Hmm...I think you may be reading into my post a little bit.

I have no ulterior motives and I have no issues with pvp/conquest.

My point was that the devs are in a bit of a hard place since they gave a rather specific timeline a couple weeks ago. You or I may not hold them to that but many might, and no doubt they will feel pressed by that. Who knows, they might be being pressed by other forces as well.

So that being said, realizing that they might be in a hard place with that I pointed out that they *could* launch EA with instanced battles deactivated for a brief period, and they could still use this alpha/beta testing population to do specific instanced battle tests that were scheduled.

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Re: [MMO] Determination and Appreciation

Post by Sharana » 09 Sep 2017, 18:07

For that reason they didn't say we launch Steam EA in 3 weeks. They said CBT 5 will stay open till we feel we are ready for Steam EA - hopefully in or so 3 weeks. But their history of time estimates - wave 0 from few days went to 6 months. Wave 1 (now) from couple of weeks went to 10 months and is still going. The same graphic was showing only 2 or 3 CBT phases (don't remember now), but they kept adding them. So nothing new here. It stays with the "when we are ready". :)

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Re: [MMO] Determination and Appreciation

Post by Bopkasen » 10 Sep 2017, 18:43

Probably that you doing so much for the netcode that writing go too much into server's performance, for that I commend you. Netcode is my greatest gripe for MMORG and divide countries not closest to the host server's location. However, perfect netcode is like a holy grail that isn't easy to produce.

My thought is to re-balance skill lost because people who have money will buy a burn warrior account to avoid meta skill loss. Passive skill loss protection should be gain for defending your land not attacking a land that you seek to conquer. It might leads to quick landclaim block down but would argumentatively be an "invested" thing if they indeed want to take the land that want to be their or defending their land from opposing land's influence.

In all, by encouraging less PvP, less writing get done in the server.


Ok, so Life is Feudal is about PvP, but, this means that those who have lot of money will end up paying to win by owning accounts to out-class opponent. More money spents, means more account. And, this would have been a passive fundraiser for Life Is Feudal. So, you will have to decide on fairness since the game focus too much punishing the "sinful" while punishing the real life poor gamers.

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