[MMO] Patch that is friendly to you (

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[MMO] Patch that is friendly to you (

Post by Arrakis » 30 Aug 2018, 12:18

Life is Feudal: MMO

In this patch, we’ve added some user-friendly tweaks along with bug and crash fixes, and next wave of optimizations.

Patch Notes (ver.

New Features and Tweaks:
  • Significantly boosted outpost damage resistances to prevent “scorched earth” tactics of easily destroying outposts that one cannot effectively control
  • You can now see and copy your coordinates via the map window in game
  • Certain abilities, like eating and drinking, can now be performed while mounted
  • Added particle effects to highlight newly found objects in the world after performing ground searching abilities
  • Added a client-side lag-compensation mechanism; this should improve the way hit detection works between the server and client side
  • Skins window was tweaked and made a bit more user-friendly
  • Added more detailed crafting and building tooltips
  • Diagonal wooden, wattle and stone fences along with altars should no longer decay in the wilderness
  • You should now be able to pray on colored altars
  • When dismounting a horse at high speed you should see a falling animation now
Bug Fixes and Optimizations:
  • Fixed one of the most frequent server crashes that appeared lately with the new outposts feature
  • Fixed a bug where the total weight of the player inventory was not refreshed after using “Drop from the Inventory” ability
  • Fixed a memory usage bug that appeared on 8GB graphics cards and caused them to use only a half of the available memory
  • Fixed trading post maintenance related crashes
  • Some minor server-side optimizations
  • Optimized network events batching. This should slightly improve the overall network performance of the game
  • A few art updates and fixes.
— The Team

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Re: [MMO] Patch that is friendly to you (

Post by Djma1988 » 30 Aug 2018, 12:24

Thanks to the team for always bringing new updates!

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Re: [MMO] Patch that is friendly to you (

Post by Sgpadawahn » 31 Aug 2018, 16:41

Thank you very much for your work!

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Re: [MMO] Patch that is friendly to you (

Post by Mastercop » 31 Aug 2018, 21:44

Now is much better :good:

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Particle effect

Post by River.cola » 03 Sep 2018, 15:54

Thank you for your work, but the particle effect takes the game in my opinion in a wrong direction. It's a magical look which doesn't fit to the realistic world you have created.

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