Troubleshooting, need Ideas/Help

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Troubleshooting, need Ideas/Help

Post by Simon.werner » 13 May 2021, 19:38

Hey guys, i just started with modding so i started with changing some recipies to get comon with everything.

My idea was (just for practice) that you can craft SlingAmmo from normal Stone with your Pikeaxe (Material Preperation Skill).

So it did this in the dump.sql

i did in the recipe requierement this :

recipe table :

(1087,'Schleudermunition', 'Stelle Schleudermunition her',48,17,30,1096,50,10,1,0,'art\2D\Items\Urea.png');

on the client files i did this in recipe xml.

<Name> Slingammo</Name>
<Description> Craft your own Ammo</Description>

and this in the recipe requierement:

<ID> 4261 </ID>

All in all it works... if skill is lvl 30 you can use 5 Stone to craft 10 Slingammo via Shape Stone Skill.

But if this is added to the files, i do not get a preview in the Skill how many Stone is needed and how much i have even for all other skills this is gone... ! The problem must be in client files cause i checked on other servers and there is the same problem with this edited files...

Someone got an Idea?

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Re: Troubleshooting, need Ideas/Help

Post by Sennar-gutschnitt » 15 May 2021, 08:29

Hey there,
I mucked a bit with my recipe_requirement.xml to reproduce the error:

Picture of a f-ed recipe_requirement.xml

First idea were the spaces you have in your <ID> - entry, but (somehow) the parser took that like a champ.

So I removed a <row> and it looked like the picture above.

In your posted recipe requierement - snipped that <row> is missing. Maybe it is missing in the whole file too?

(BTW the whole thing is not degrading your Pickaxe, you might want to look into that too)

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Re: Troubleshooting, need Ideas/Help

Post by Simon.werner » 15 May 2021, 11:37

Thanks for your fast answer, the missing <row> in my post was just a mistake in my written code it was allready where it had to be... i found two little spaces which i deleted. But the failure still appears... ? Do i have to change anything in the skill types as well?

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