Development News #113 — Patches and Churches

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Development News #113 — Patches and Churches

Post by Arrakis » 20 Jul 2018, 17:48


Hey, Feudalists!

We’re back on track with releasing regular patches, new tweaks and fixes as we get them ready to add to the game. Earlier today, we released a new update that many of you have already downloaded.

The most important feature this week is the long-awaited (and highly requested) movable object naming. You no longer have to struggle, spending hours in the warehouse finding a specific box or trading cart - simply pick a name, and it will make your feudal life so much easier (and more organized!).

We’ve also added a couple of other tweaks, and fixed a bunch of super annoying bugs. You can find out more in the patch notes. Tell us what you think about the new features!

Are there any of you who have managed to become an Arhimankur? Even if you’re just a clergy apprentice, we believe you’ll be hyped to see what we have in store for you.
On behalf of our art department, we are happy to show you the brand new church model that is coming to the game, take a look:


Have a great weekend!

— The team

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