Development News #115 — Just Press Play

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Development News #115 — Just Press Play

Post by Arrakis » 03 Aug 2018, 17:04


Hey, Feudalists!

Our main focus this week has been our *nix OS server build, as we mentioned last week (check out last week’s post here) and adapting the game in preparation for it.

In other news, much to our dismay, it seems a number of mischievous horses have made off with their carts, leaving owners rather baffled to say the least. Missing carts is an issue we have dealt with before, so rest assured our best detectives are already working on researching the nature of the pesky issue and a fix will follow shortly. Thank you, as always, for your reports, which greatly help us -ahem- we mean the detectives, get to the bottom of any bugs or concerns as quickly and efficiently as we can.

On top of this, we’re happy to share that the dev team at Xsolla have released a new launcher build, which fixes the unclickable play button that a number of you reported. If you’re still having an issue with that please hit us up!

We’ve also been working on researching massive battles that have been taking place this week - this will help us find flaws in real time in order to optimize them later and provide a smoother gameplay experience, so thank you so much for your cooperation on this as well.

Keeping up the work and wishing you a great weekend!

— The team

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