Winter is here along with “White Standers” (

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Winter is here along with “White Standers” (

Post by Arrakis » 24 Dec 2015, 14:37

We have worked very hard to deliver this patch and provide you with as many bug fixes, and as much new content, as possible. We hope you will like our mild, snowy weather and rain, which can affect your gameplay. You can check out the new weather and wind effects along with “White Standers”.

Patch notes (ver.
New features and tweaks:
  • Changed sprinting in war stance mechanics. Duration of sprint is now limited and there is a short cooldown before you can sprint again. From now on you should consider sprint as a short situational dash, rather than something you would constantly use in combat.
  • Implemented advanced weather effects including wind affecting trees. Each season will have a certain set of different weather types and each weather type affects the growth rates of trees, cattle and farm harvesting yields. WARNING snow and rain particles can reduce FPS rates on weaker video cards - you can disable them in the Video Options menu.
  • Piles of snow are now randomly created in the world during snowy weather (can be disabled via server config). They will melt away during other types of weather, or you can remove them via your terraforming abilities and use the snow as a crafting material for snowballs and snowmen!
  • Added motion capture animations of movements with different types of weapons and some other war stance movements
  • Implemented large animal traps. Once triggered by stepping on them, players, horses and wild animals receive a moderate amount of damage and are rooted for a short duration of time. Watch your step now!
  • Tweaked ballistics of some ranged weaponry, including fire arrows damage versus stone buildings
  • Added mass production recipes for charcoal, glass and linen
  • You can now rotate the camera while sitting, resting or yielding by holding the “V” button
  • Tracking now provides visible footsteps. You can now distinguish by the track the type of animal you are going to find.
  • Updated multiple art assets and added craftable snowballs and snowmen that can be used for fun or to craft snow fortresses! ;)
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed multiple client side crashes (expect more fixes coming out “soon™”)
  • Fixed 1st and 3rd person camera view behavior in some situations
  • Fixed network code related bugs where you could see horses and players rubberbanding and jittering for no apparent reason
  • Multiple render and visualization related bug fixes
  • Fixed some Guild Monument interaction bugs
  • Prayer of home return should no longer spawn you on the roof if you have a bed inside the house
  • Warhorses can now be properly acquired via GM commands. Horses now breed in stables properly.
  • Fixed a bug where some dialogue windows disappeared while still waiting for user action
  • You no longer need to manually return to a war stance after you have ran out of breath while in combat
  • Fixed terraforming related dupe bug
  • Fixed selection targeting issues mostly related with trees selection/highlight
P.S. Server admins/GMs can use console command: /weather snowy to enable snowy weather for a current day.

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