Epleland RP Ruleset

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Epleland RP Ruleset

Post by Arrakis » 30 Nov 2017, 20:21

The world of Epleland (RP) is a world unlike the other worlds we have. This is a place where we encourage community growth, in a comfortable environment that is meant for a more mature role playing experience. This doesn’t mean it's a sanctuary though, after all, strife between feudal claims is common and expected, because… Life is Feudal.

It is also very brutal. Some people will talk to you before they attack, others won’t. We will not get involved in any dispute based on this. While we do frown on attacking starting players, It is up to the players to police themselves.

The following specifics apply only to the RP server:

  1. No Judgement Hour.
  2. Siege totems can only be acquired if BOTH guilds change their
  3. standing to WAR.
  4. More severe alignment loss. (x2)
  5. More severe alignment penalties on death. (x1.5)
  6. Slower Skill Gain. (x0.5)
  7. Periodical GM Events.
  8. Global Chat is disabled.
  9. Additional Immersion Policies (See below).


Names on this server must be appropriate for the feudal era.

  1. No using Copyrighted Names.
  2. No using names to attempt to insult/grief/attack others.
  3. No name should be overly vulgar, defamatory or offensive in nature.
  4. No parody/impersonation of Life is Feudal staff.
  5. No impersonation of another player (for example: Mike Guy and M1ke Guy).
  6. No use of trademarked/licensed properties.
  7. No futuristic/modern stuff.
  8. No using numbers and weird symbols.
  9. No name should be used to show support towards real-world criminal/terrorist/discriminating organizations.


We do ask that there be absolutely no out of game communication. That means:

  1. No advertising anything from outside the game.
  2. No discussing real world politics/events/religion/sports/news/etc..
  3. No accusing others of cheating/breaking the server rules.
  4. Keep all communication relevant from your character’s perspective.
    This server is intended for a more mature community that wishes to roleplay.

While we have optional recommendations (guide-to-roleplaying-in-life-is-feudal-t15400/) to encourage good behaviors that foster a strong RP environment for everyone to enjoy, everyone plays differently. Please take into consideration that if you do engage in pvp, it's justified from your character's perspective and role within the world. We will not interfere in these optional matters.

* This ruleset is an addendum specifically to be used for reference while playing on the Epleland RP Server and is a companion to the Life is Feudal: MMO End User License Agreement(EULA).

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