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LiF:Your Own (version

Post by Arrakis » 22 Jul 2016, 14:05

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:
  • Implemented a physics model approximation for movable objects. You can no longer hang them in the air or place inside other objects or walls. Objects without collisions (decorations mostly) do not follow these rules and still can be hung in the air. Objects in destroyed buildings will still hang in the air. We will properly make fall/destruction of such objects in the next patch
  • Implemented new rolling wind feature (Video) along with multiple groundcover (grass, rocks and crops) optimization
  • Every building now has siege damage resistance, depending on its type. Fortifications, for example, have higher resistance than civilian buildings
  • Decreased all abilities progress multipliers (20/30/45/60 percent for 1/2/3/4 tier skills). Demolition skill rises faster now
  • Updated prices and weights of different objects
  • Clay has a lower height difference coefficient now. You will not be able to terraform steep terrain walls with clay anymore
  • Tweaked repair kit prices and repair kits prices during repair process. Repair kit quality now affects repair process speed
  • Updated wheelbarrows and carts movement speeds accordingly
  • Reworked and optimized particles system for better quality and performance
  • Herbal garden harvest decreased(40->10). Herbal garden progress no longer resets after server restart
  • Beehives no longer collect honey from loosened soils (which have no grass or flowers)
  • Added new objects: Wooden wall square, Wooden wall defences, Wooden wall 45degL, Wooden wall 45degr, Walls with loopholes
  • Updated old objects: Wooden barbacan, Wooden gate, Wooden wall
  • Reworked terrain textures (more details
  • Added GM Robe (ID=1379)

Bug fixes:
  • Fixed antidote mechanics. It now properly removes poisons and provides poison immunity depending on poison and antidote magnitudes. Maximum poison duration is now 10 seconds
  • Fixed bug with incorrect poison magnitude calculation while stacking them in inventory
  • Poled melee weapons now properly track shaft and blade hitting nodes simultaneously
  • Fixed melee weapons passing and damaging through walls
  • Fixed a bug, which allowed a player to change guild’s heraldry multiple times while in game
  • When leader of a guild changes, roles are set properly now both for new leader and old one
  • Fixed sudden death while jumping on a gatehouse
  • Piercing bolt and stopping power crossbow abilities can no longer be applied on the same bolt
  • Working tanning tubs and drying racks can now react properly on abilities
  • Abilities can now be interrupted by a successful shield bash
  • Fixed arrows getting stuck in the water
  • Fixed a couple of bugs, where tools would not lose their durability
  • Soil and other terrain substances can now be properly dropped outside of inventory, ignoring other windows on HUD
  • Fixed a server crash while blessing other player that disconnects during the process
  • Ctrl + H no longer resets font size settings in GUIs
  • God’s mercy blessing will not be removed when logging back in after a disconnect
  • Optimized video memory usage
  • Fixed crash during client disconnect


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Re: LiF:Your Own (version

Post by Larainan » 24 Jul 2016, 02:22

Well I have some things to say...First monuments are broken for upgrading I should be able to place it where I want it and if my coops or other animals are close so be it. Even if nothing is close by at the moment they wont upgrade at all.

Many of us are built on mountain sides, steep slopes and clay were the only thing worth using to make roads down, for bridges across lakes and to the island. I have a half finished road I spent weeks working on that I now can't complete with clay because the slopes are to high, thanks guys for wasting that many man hours.

My world decay is off and yet we log back in to burning huts and kitchens all over the place.

My stacked tubs can't be moved only deleted because they are stacked to shallow for the game settings so now they are garbage and to stack nine of them with the whole tub showing you cant reach the top to click on it. Living on a mountain side I don't have many places to move them to. Hence why they were stacked and now have to be rebuilt again...sigh.

Platforms are now useless as they fall back to the ground and you
cant float them so much for docks and so many other things we were using them for because terrain height and hardwood piers are two different things. My racetrack that had platform bridges and platform spectator stands now looks stupid because all the platforms dropped and the stairs leading up to them are higher than the decks. That also took me time to build.

This patch has done nothing but stifle creativity. Especially since those out there that have servers ALWAYS had control over floating objects in the World ID 1 file. Any one of them could have stopped floating objects at any time they wanted. I think you guys screwed the pooch on this one. You should have made it so floating logs could be edited in the world id 1 file and let us choose for ourselves in LIF YO as I pay good money to run a server. On top of what I spent on the game.

Your MMO can be different all day long if that's what you want but most people playing LIF YO are doing so for the crafting not the pvp...which is where you would want to stop floating logs.

I am so very disappointed in all the work I've lost making a world for my players to enjoy, my horse racing track is ruined now. I have over 4 thousand hours in this game these changes aren't so great.

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Re: LiF:Your Own (version

Post by Gnomebo » 25 Jul 2016, 05:27

Same lost so much progress because they changed the clay slope! You can no longer build on the big mountain. Bases are all going to look the same from here on. IMO it must be changed back removes so much creativity from the game....

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