Development News #156 — Epleland Travel Tips and Statues

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Development News #156 — Epleland Travel Tips and Statues

Post by Arrakis » 17 May 2019, 17:15


Hey, Feudalists!

Today we have released a patch with a couple of small, yet vital new features, mechanic tweaks, and some general fixes. One of the important changes added with this patch is that now repairing objects is not allowed during Holy Judgement on neighboring and burning fief. Please keep that in mind. We have also fixed the issue with Trade posts and some outposts not upgrading or downgrading to or from level 3, and some other things. You can check the full list in the patch notes.

This week yet another guild has successfully completed the 'Pillars of the community' challenge — Guild 'Ravens Cross Citadel'. Kudos, feudalists!


Earlier this week we have announced that the server of Epleland is closing on Monday, May 20th. After this date, the world will no longer be available in the game launcher.
This decision is based on the support costs of game servers and the world’s population.
For comfortable settlement and exploration of Godenland all active Epleland players will receive 20, 000 GF compensation. All your characters and their skills, stat points, alignment values, and Premium shop inventory will be transferred to Godenland. Characters equipped items and your character’s inventory will not be transferred, and neither will be items from Trade posts and other containers.

The T3 and T4 skills will be capped at 90. This means that low tier skills will not be capped, while higher tier skills will be.
Decoration Kits used on Epleland since 0.2.0 Update release will be refunded.

The transfer process may take over 8 hours, keep that in mind. Epleland will go down first for character exports, and as soon as the export is done, we will bring down Godenland to import the characters there. They will be delivered to one of the four Green zone areas on Godenland, where you can safely and comfortably start your new journey, and build your Private Claim there.
Stay tuned to our #notifications channel for the latest announcements so that you don’t miss the info about the transfer!

And before Epleland shuts down, we wanted to cherish the memories of many adventures that we've had there and to invite you all to a memorable Epleland photo op, that is organized by the guild 'Knights of the Eclipse'. Read the full information about the photo op event in our #events channel on Discord.

And the last, but not the least — we wanted to introduce the brand new decorative statues that our art team has prepared for this week’s patch:


rimg30 rimg30

rimg30 rimg30

That’s all for today, have a great weekend!

— The team

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