Development News #160 — FIRST FEUDAL OLYMPICS!

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Development News #160 — FIRST FEUDAL OLYMPICS!

Post by Arrakis » 21 Jun 2019, 17:02


Hey, Feudalists!

As you may have noticed, we didn’t have an update this week. However, our team is working hard on several important fixes and tweaks that we are hoping to share with you next week. Some of them will be related to trade delivery, fixing captured outposts permissions and arena rewards. Stay tuned to the upcoming news!

In the recent devblogs we have talked about the grand community Coliseum project. Today, Crown’s herald brought us magnificent news - fabulous construction is almost finished! We congratulate the amazing, brave builders for the really hard work they’ve done to complete this project. It took more than 2680 nails, 1900 shaped rocks, 1180 different type of regional boards, 6 gate modules, and other resources to build the Coliseum.

Now that this great work has been nearly completed, the very next week, from 28th to 29th of June, the 1st Feudal Olympics Games will be held at the Coliseum! You can expect 2 days of fun with a wide list of competitions and great prizes from the event organizers and Life is Feudal team! Fights will be hot, warriors will be brave - and streamers are highly welcomed at the event!


After Games will be finished, Coliseum will become an admin land, so you can plan your tournaments in there!
Hurry up, to take part in the Games, every participant should register in the special form. LiF Team will help to organize character teleport to the event’s location for all registered users.

And don’t forget to join the event’s Discord server to stay tuned about the updates!

And here’s the event schedule and details:

28, June (Friday) - 1st DAY
    Opening event - Animal fight
  • 3 bears, 6 wolves, 9 boars vs 5 brave foot warriors!
  • Prize: 1 000 God’s Coin to each surviving member of the winning team.

    Foot warriors Duel competition
  • 1x1 Sword - Prize: Sword Skin
  • 1x1 Spear - Prize: Spear skin
  • 1x1 Axe - Prize: Axe skin

    Fights will be organized in a form of eliminations. Winner of each 1x1 fight will move into the next round. The winner will be the person standing at the end of the final.

    Team fight competition
  • 2x2 Sword - Special prize from event-organizers
  • 2x2 Spear - Special prize from event-organizers
  • 2x2 Axe - Special prize from event-organizers
29, June (Saturday) - 2nd DAY
    Jousting competition
  • 1x1 Lancing Duels
  • Prize: Lance Skin

    Horse Riders Dead Race
  • Horse Riders surviving race (combat accepted).
  • Prize: New Decorated Tabard Skin

    Hail of arrows event
  • 5x5 Archers
  • Prize: 1 000 God’s Coin to each member of winning team

    All bows, crossbows and projectiles are accepted. Two teams of 5 will fight with a goal to kill at least 2 players from the opposite team. Team with 2 fallen players loses the match.
Prepare yourself and have fun at the First Feudal Olympics! We wish you a great weekend!

— The Team

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Re: Development News #160 — FIRST FEUDAL OLYMPICS!

Post by SirBoysrd » 25 Jun 2019, 07:26

Может было бы интереснее не проводить бои между одинаковыми классами? Какой смысл от этого? В бою разумный копейщик не лезет на копейщика, а латник с мечом не лезет на латника. Да же гладиаторы выступали парами разных видов бойцов.
Понимаю что уже всё, поздно, и голову включать нужно было раньше, но вот вам идея на будущее.
Та же тема с парами только там ещё глупее это выглядит ))

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