Proper seasons and a herbalist’s garden ( (420))

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Proper seasons and a herbalist’s garden ( (420))

Post by Arrakis » 20 Feb 2016, 11:34

Before we reveal the contents of the current patch, we’d like to make a short announcement:

There is no MMO beta test going on at the moment! We will make a separate announcement once we have started the beta test, and once LiF:YO owners are able to join that test. Thank you for your attention!

Additionally, with the current patch we are releasing Steam trading cards! We hope you will like them!

This patch contains the art for all four seasons, you can check out some of the visual changes here.

One particular problem that many of our players have experienced was the inability to quickly find, and gather, desired herbs for alchemy. This is why we have implemented a herbalist’s garden in this patch. Feel free to experiment with different types of fertilizer to achieve the highest yields.

Patch notes (ver.

New features and tweaks:
  • Added visible changes for all four in-game seasons
  • Added many decorative objects that can be used to increase the beauty of your settlement
  • Added a herbal garden, which can be used to grow certain types of herbs
  • Implemented auto-repeat functionality in most crafting abilities. You can modify a certain tag (autocraft - possible/always/none) in skill_types.xml
  • Provided more rendering optimization (mostly forest related)
  • Added more visually appealing wind effects on trees
  • You can unequip an item with a double click
  • Tweaked the amount of white meat gained from rabbits and chicken
  • Updated multiple architecture models (Kitchen, Carpenter’s Shop, Warehouse etc.)
  • You can now move items quickly in Alchemy window via Ctrl+Click
  • Minor weapons tweaks

Bug fixes:
  • Particles now use GPU instead of CPU. This should provide a significant boost of frame rates in most cases
  • Significantly optimized horse collision detection model. This should provide a significant performance boost on servers and clients
  • Fixed tunnel materials generation bug
  • Fixed tunnel selection functionality (when holding Right Mouse button and targeting a tunnel wall)
  • Object demolition that results in ruins should no longer significantly freeze a server
  • Horse movement should look smooth now
  • Piercing bolt ability does no longer allow to shoot through obstacles
  • Volley ability AoE area is now correctly displayed (arrows will actually hit that area now)
  • Fixed alchemy achievement (Herbalist-Chemist) incorrect calculations. Players are able to properly unlock that achievement now
  • Multiple GUI fixes
  • Fixed inventory icon positions being shifted in certain conditions
  • A proper message will appear if you don’t have enough arrows while triggering Volley ability
  • Weight limit no longer applies on players in GM mode
  • An unfinished Monument will no longer decay at a fast rate

P.S. We have changed AI animals passability map format. This may cause a prolonged start time the first time you run an existing server with a lot of terraforming changes. The second time - and any time after that - will be significantly faster.

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