[Dedicated Server] Running multiple Worlds on one server

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[Dedicated Server] Running multiple Worlds on one server

Post by Guahos » 01 Nov 2015, 11:37

Hi guys!
I have currently a dedicated server running but I want to add another world (with different settings etc.). :beer:

As a DB I am using MySQL, so the DB name for the currently running World1 is lif_1.
I have created a lif_2 DB and world_2.xml file with settings for World2, including the World ID parameter, which is set to 2.
But.. I have no idea where should I set what DB each of the worlds should be using. :(
My first world is using lif_1 DB now, but I can not find where is it set up for the World 1 to use lif_1 DB, and where should I set World 2 to use lif_2 DB.
Please help to figure out how to set this up.

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Re: [Dedicated Server] Running multiple Worlds on one server

Post by Bigsteve » 24 Nov 2015, 21:11

Its been a while since i have started a server.

But i remember that u use the lif_x or worldx attribute after the .exe in a short cut to start a server...

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