Overworking of the Realm-System

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Overworking of the Realm-System

Post by Kael » 17 Apr 2018, 10:16

Plz overwork it.

You have a Realm Claim and in the Realm Claim you can build smaller claims.

but its always the same.

Why not making it better with specified and pros/Cons in each claim?

Like this:

T- = 0
T0 = 0-20
T1 = 21-40
T2 = 41-60
T3 = 61 - 80
T4 = 81-99
T5 = 100

Personal Claim: -> 0-20
Normal Claim -> + -40


Normal Claim -> Moth/Landwork/Village Claim

Moth Claim:
Small - Medium Area
Production -> T1
Landworking -> T1
Military -> T2
+10% Military Experience gain

Uprade to Castle Claim:
Medium Area
Production: -> T2
Landworking: -> T1
Military -> T3
+2 Warfare Specialisations
+20% Military Experience gain

Upgrade to Fortress Claim:
Medium-Big Area
Production: -> T3
Landworking -> T1
Military -> T4
+2 Warfare Specialisation (4 in Total)
+30% Military Experience gain

Landworkers Claim:
Production -> T1
Landworking -> T2
Military -> T1
+10% Outcome of Farm products

Farmers Claim:
Production -> T2
Landworking -> T3
Military -> T1
+2 Farming Specialization
+20% Outcome of farm products

Estate Claim:
Production -> T3
Military -> T2
+2 Farming specialisation(4 in total)
+30% outcome of farm products

Production -> T2
Landworking -> T1
Military -> T1
+5% Quality Bonus

Production -> T3
Landworkng -> T1
Military -> T2
+10% Quality Bonus
+2 Craftmanship Specialisation

Production -> T4
Landworking -> T2
Military -> T3
+15% Quality Bonus
+2 Craftmanship Specialisation.

I could get much deeper into this topic. Especially how the different claims would give the people in their claims special ways in their skilltrees but other ways cant be trained there.

Military involves all miliary buildings and war-skilltrees. But it doesnt involve producing weapons or other

Landwork involves all faming and animal buildings and skilltrees for that. it doesnt involve producing tools. but it also involves Mining ore or other materials, also hunting and woodcutting

Production involves all production ways. Like smithing, carpentry, pottery and other stuff. it doesnt involve farming the basic production stuff like farming mining or woodcutting. It also implements creation of weapons.

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