MMO Pricing

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MMO Pricing

Post by DemonianAzeroth » 30 Apr 2018, 02:29

Can we petition to lower the prices on these skins? I would love to buy that full plate helm, but it would cost me around 30$! I actually hesitate to buy anything in the shop due to the fact that I haven't spent that much in a game on ONE item ever. If the price was around 5-10$ I would be quicker to buy more of the skins. Here is an example: to get the Royal plate set I will have to spend 175USD A HUNDREAD AND SEVENTY FIVE DOLLARS! That is WAY more than the game even cost. If you have wondered about why sales of the skins haven't taken off then this might be why. Please consider lowering your prices


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Re: MMO Pricing

Post by Jacques_de_Molay » 13 May 2018, 19:35

was brought to Bobik's attention multiple times, no reaction
I guess they think they have a good monitization strategy.
Let them

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