New method for searching materials,herbs,edibles is rediculous

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New method for searching materials,herbs,edibles is rediculous

Post by Radianceofperdition » 22 May 2018, 18:10

I know the old method was abused by some using bots but a simple fix would be to have players search on a tile(or radius of 2-3) and after a few seconds either gain a few items that they were looking for based on area(if there are any there), tile quality, and skill OR get a message saying none can be found there forcing the player to search else where.

The old method was ridiculous and easily abused by auto searching the same area and gaining a steady supply but the new method is just as ridiculous and easily abused because you have a 100% chance of ALWAYS finding a random material, herb, or edible neatly arranged in a GRID making it very easy to level in the same location.....

Also materials should be separated by sling ammo, plant fiber, and flint...players shouldn't have to find and sift through hundreds of plant fiber to find a few pebbles. Edibles are fine being mixed same with herbs and wilds plants but materials you know what you are searching for and shouldn't find other stuff you don't need/want.

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