Coops cross breading. And other suggestions and fixes.

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Coops cross breading. And other suggestions and fixes.

Post by SiMP3N » 05 Jun 2018, 10:10

Hey. Im not sure if it's been fixed yet but i'll post it just in case.
Im guessing it's not supposed to be possible to see a new rabbit born in a coop with 4 chickens and a rabbit...

And i'm wondering why the chosen default options aint being saved on the local computer or something? Just that the default option when clicking on tanning tub's and drying frames is "destory" even when i got procursion and can use them... i even have the materials needed to use them in my makes me annoyed everytime. When the coops and stables and stuff always have "manage" as the default but the other stuff cant have the most used option as default aswell just feels like someone didnt have the patience to fix on all the options and used a randomizer or something.

The same thing when cutting down tree's and digging up the stumps.... That setting the default to "Cut down" and "Dig up" on one of them aint enough, if you cut down another kind of tree the default options needs to be changed on that aswell..... Like, who would even bother to inspect a stump?! :P
It wont even tell you the quality the tree had before you cut it down anyway... xD

And the same thing there... you need to do it all over again when you come back the next day on all of the different kind of tree's again and again and again and again and again....


Adding hastened restoration of hardstamina when using a bed, bench and chair would make the game so much more logical, now you never even see a player enter a residential building unless they need to hide or they died. Having so many furniture and other stuff that could give the game so much more depth and bring the players the feeling of being home when in your own house. Now its a waste of time to even go into a house to logout or rest, and building furniture like beds and so on is just for those with an abundance of resources.

Give the use of beds quicker recovery, if the bed is in the same house as one with paintings and other decorations it could even give a slight boost to resting aswell. Or having paintings in the same house as the bed give the players a shortterm buff in hightened stamina cap(both or either hard or soft), or just a slightly heightened soft stamina regen for 1hr or something? Like a "peacfully rested" or "home sweet home" buff?

Well, thats all for now. I've probably forgot something i planned to write, but i'll just add that later if that's the case.

Give me opinions and suggestions around the things i talked about if you have any. Thx! :beer:

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