Reporting in

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Reporting in

Post by Sarge001 » 05 Jun 2018, 19:19

I suppose that the "feedback Section" is the best place to post this.

I just want to start with "Great Game"! Been an on and off again player for some time, its a real life thing.
Recently took a look at the LIF: MMO. Gotta say this is where the "great game" stops. I departed for the game island only to realize I had made an error in Character creation. So I went to correct the issue. Only to find out that I can not go because you only get one ticket. And apparently that is one ticket per account....unless you pay more to get another ticket. Yeah that is dumb. I can understand paying to get additional characters to Bynum, however I believe that the current mechanic is not a good one. And is not going to help get new players to the game. They will simply go to the LIF: YO and that is it. and the company will not make any more money off of "coin packages, booster packages, skin packages, or anything else.
Suggestion... change this, give it a 24hr reset timer if ya want. But I for one will not pay to simply restart at the very beginning.

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Re: Reporting in

Post by Arrakis » 20 Jun 2018, 21:22

This system exists to prevent players from carrying on with senseless killing or/and otherwise harassing other players, only to delete their character and create a new one, resetting their Alignment and start over. As for the number of tickets in the package - there are three different packages, where each next provides more tickets.

Now, as for your mistake - you have been informed in two pop-up windows about the results of deleting the character that has been already transferred to Abella. There was no way to miss them, only to intentionally ignore them. We are sorry, we really are :( At this point, unfortunately, we can only advise that in the future you read the warnings so it wouldn't happen again.

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