Altera NA Telmun LFM

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Altera NA Telmun LFM

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Greetings inhabitants of Telmun.
Altera is an established group, with male and female players from all around the world. looking for others to join our ranks. If you have been wanting to join a group and get to know everyone and make a real difference in the direction of the guild, Altera is for you.
We are a T3 guild with all the crafting buildings.

We're have a strong alliance of Northern guilds and plan to work collaboratively to further joint goals. We are a T3 guild with all the crafting buildings. looking to add so much more.

We welcome individuals of all backgrounds - although maturity, respect and generally being a nice person are a must! Please note we will also be happy to take groups or if your guild is just no more. if you have a small group and would like to join up while keeping your friend group.

Altera is a guild with new and experienced players to Life is Feudal, consisting of friendly and dedicated individuals. Our discord is the primary means of communcation between members, allies, trade partners, and potential recruits. We do mostly use text chat so no worries if you don't have a Mic. although during PvP moments you MUST be able to use voice.

The history and background of Altera is based on ingame progression and will be captured through the lore section in the discord. If you would like to be part of this dynamic history and be apart of the story then join Altera today! To join, please DM a member of the Alteran Leadership or simply message in the public lobby. One of the leadership members will get back to you to process your application.

Thank you,
Alteran Officer
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Re: Altera NA Telmun LFM

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