Help with mining

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Help with mining

Post by Federicogjm » 19 Jun 2018, 16:38

Can someone please give a real explanation about mining and its exact operation?
If you can please add graphics and calculations.
I have observed that apparently the search for minerals works in a spherical way and I do not quite understand how to locate exactly the mineral that I am looking for in the middle of an area of ​​plains for example.
With this I want to explain that it is not clear if the search range is in depth in levels of 0.1 down or to any part, or is in 10.0 points down etc ...
I locate a mineral standing on a tile and with the same search range if I move to any part I can not find it, therefore I start to dig right there and never locate the mineral ... From here all my doubts start.
On the other hand when I locate mineral on the surface either on beaches or mountains I see that the mineral comes with each stroke in 2 or 3 different qualities, and I do not understand if this is because I have to dig down or up ... it would be interesting to have some explanation of the actual functioning of this.

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Re: Help with mining

Post by Arrakis » 20 Jun 2018, 22:18

You can find the information about locating ore veins in here - ... e_ore_vein

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