i need help, please

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i need help, please

Post by Aquamannee42+1080 » 16 Mar 2019, 02:38

I've had some friends get into this game, and watching streams and some youtube content, i'm really interested, however i have a personal issue with preorders and playing alpha/beta games.

mainly, I'm burnt out by the new meta, and how everything these days seems to be released unfinished and then content is either slow to come to or isn't what was promised. (not a fan of over promising)

I did a lot of thinking today, and decided my biggest issue with this practice, isn't trying to get some funding, or community help with stress tests and bug finding... it's the price.

My thought was, why not change the process to something like this:

For alpha/beta content, pay $10. Once release comes, have people pay the rest of the money on launch day to keep playing. Or give them a slight discount for their help with preorder funds.

I'll probably get told to go pound sand with this idea, but I feel like it would get a lot more people into it. I for one, can't justify to myself paying full release price for a game that isn't released, just been burned too many times.

The game looks cool, and if the pricing scheme for preorder changes I'll jump on board, otherwise, I'll be looking forward to full release someday in the future.

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Re: i need help, please

Post by Heavysparksgaming » 25 Mar 2020, 20:47

The game is free to play on Steam. Free gets you one character with a ticket to the main land (Ticket to Abella). Additional characters cost about $10 each for a ticket to Abella unless they are on sale. Hope that helps. This game is not in beta but is rough around the edges still as the developers are still working on bug fixes and content. Game is all player driven content. Hope this helps.
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