Combat Controls/Animations, Blocking, and Interupting

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Combat Controls/Animations, Blocking, and Interupting

Post by Cakeroll69 » 26 Feb 2019, 08:36

Suggestion: The combat controls/animations need a little love. Instead of the stunlock from a perfect parry, change it for increased fluidity. Also, allow hitting to interrupt an enemy's attack to reward a well-timed hit.

What I would change:

Controls: The ability to control which way you are hitting should be easier. This way combat would feel better and allow for feinting. There seems to be a delay after hitting to block, which makes me feel I don't have control. Also, if I am holding right-click during a swing, my guard won't go up. Adding this would improve the feel.

Animations: Charge up an attack and you will see that sometimes your character will snap in a very rough sort of way. Taking out the weapons looks pretty glitchy as well. Please work on this.

Blocking: Perfect blocking currently stops your whole body and leaves you open. Firstly, this feels unnatural. I believe a perfect block should simply stop a combo and change who is on the offensive. In other words, the attacker who is perfectly blocked can block, still move, but can't attack for .3 seconds(more or less) so that the other player can have a chance to attack. Good blocking should not stop combos and simply absorb damage. Blocks should be able to keep up forever, but a block kept up too long should only be able to good block.

Interrupting: You can trade blows without interruption. This rewards spammy gameplay. In my opinion, if one is hit during an attack, their attack should be interrupted. This rewards a tactical approach and timing.

Why I wrote this: There a lot of medieval games out/upcoming with good combat. With such a great foundation, there's no reason why this game should fall behind. I do not see the current kite and stick combat competing with upcoming and current games' combat. It's a one of a kind piece of art that should be kept alive.

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