Development News #132 — Optimizing and Smoothing out the Battlefield

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Development News #132 — Optimizing and Smoothing out the Battlefield

Post by Arrakis » 30 Nov 2018, 17:30


Hey, Feudalists!

As mentioned in the previous devblog, we’ve gathered loads of data from the stress tests on Avalon. This week has been dedicated to a deep analysis of this data and working on optimization.

We have released a patch that contains bug fixes and net optimizations that should be helpful in open world battles being more smooth and comfortable for participating players. You can read more about the patch here.

Earlier today we also released a hotfix for the creation of personal claims. Thanks to everyone who quickly reported this issue.

Also, we would be very grateful if those of you who have massive open world battles planed, tell us where and when so that the dev team can check it out and see if the optimization needs more work. You can contact anyone in the LiF Team or LiF Support team on Discord, or PM us on our social media. Thanks for your cooperation!

With events and Black Friday being the scene stealers last week, we simply had no room for the Avalon poll results. Our apologies for the delay, they’re finally in:


Thanks to everyone who voted, we will take the results into consideration!

Have a great weekend!
— The team

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